I love having skills that I can barter with............

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  1. shoneyboy

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    I saw a sign today stating, fresh tomatoes for sale, so I decided to stop to get me a couple.....They were 4 for a dollar, Man it seemed like they were trying to give them away!!!!!!! So after picking out about a 8 of them, I struck up a conversation with the farmer and his wife...... After about 15 minutes, he found out that I could weld at my house. Now I have a iron chair of theirs in the back of my truck that need to be repaired......It was so funny, before we had starter discussing my welding ability, I had asked them about buying a crate of over ripes. I mentioned like to freeze them for the winter. So as the farmer and I loaded the chair, the farmers wife was adding some extras to my bag!!!! Here is what she gave me.........
    She said that she will have me some more when I bring her chair back to her......I love having skills that I can help others with and well help myself with too.......I'm a happy tomato eating fool tonight......I just wonder if I could smoke'em ???? Just kidding ROFLOL.ShoneyBoy
  2. Try slicing and cold smoking those tomatoes  A couple hours of cold smoke ought to make for some interesting mater sammiches.[​IMG]
  3. Nice score!

    Smoke them yes. I slice them in half sprinkle on Kosher salt fresh ground pepper. Top with cheese of your choice. I prefer smoked mozzarella the basil. Grill or smoke till the cheese is all bubbly,

    I have a big beefsteak mator I plan on smoking tonight. I will try to post pics.

    Happy smoken.

  4. seenred

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    Very nice, Shoney!  The barter system still works!

    BTW I love fire roasted tomatoes!

  5. My dad grows far too many toms for the two of us and neighbours, so I de hydrate the over ripe ones and turn into 'tomato salt', this year I'm going to try hot smoking them then de hydrating them for smoked tom salt.  You can't beat the smell and taste of home grown toms, yours look lovely.
  6. jeoberg

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    Smoked tomatoes sound wonderful.  I may need to try that at some point.  As to the trading of skills, I traded some smoked pork for some lawn mowing.  Good deal for me.
  7. s2k9k

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    Good score on those maters SB, but I bet you would have welded that chair for them for free!!
  8. shoneyboy

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    I was so happy with the deal on the ones I was buying, I would have welder that chair for free, just so I could go back by their house.......That way I'd have a reason to buy a few more..... :sausage: SB

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