I love BBQ! I've got some tools! I kinda have to build one, don't I ?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by bubbonehead, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Now that is awesome. I want one. Can you do a dragon's head breathing fire? You really have skills. You did it completely different from the way I did. I used a computer.

    Nice paint job. Orange on black.  The paint looks glossy. How'd you do that?

    I like the fire lighting door. Good idea that might get used again!
  2. nice outlaw touch
  3. Thank you. Yes, my torch and I used my grinder between the teeth. I also had to touch up a couple spots with the welder and then grind flat. The right nostral and right eye at the top.
  4. Thanks DB. I could send you a file to plug into that CNC cutter. Will a PDF or EPS format work with it? What kind of Dragon? Nortic? English? Chinese? One of the ways I earn a pay check is managing a Graphic Arts department.

    The paint is Rust-Oleum engine enamel. http://rustoleumautomotive.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=372

    I could only find one can of VHT 2000 degree primer while looking locally so I grabbed it and used it on the firebox. Hopefully that will give the 500 degree engine enamel a slight advantage.
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    question for you i believe our pits are about the same size how do you like the placements of your gauges?  I've been debating weather to go with one in the middle or three like yours?
  6. chinasmoke

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    I'd like to see this thing too
  7. Hey DB, something like this maybe?

  8. That's looks good. When I said I use the computer I meant that I lay out the letters in photoshop to real size and font, then print them out and use the paper as a template to transfer to the metal. A long process. But yes, I would like a line drawing that's similar in size to your flaming skull. My printer restrictions are 8 1/2 x 11 so I could break it up in photoshop and print quadrants to make it big enough. No since messing around with some little graphics.

     I cut the letters out of 1/4" plate and rolled them on a roll form to the radius of the tank. I could do the same with a dragon head graphic.

    Man one idea leads to another!

    Thanks Bubbonehead
  9. I tried to attach it to a PM but can't. PM me an email address and I'll send it to you.
  10. The two lower ones are about an inch above the lower grate. The top one is just above that grate. I used three to monitor temp variation. I'm glad I did, as it showed me during the first use after installing them that I was losing a significant amount of heat where My lid did not seal very well (even after all the precautions I took cutting it out). Without that info I wouldn't have bothered cutting it off and reworking it's fitment before paint. I still plan to add a rope gasket as soon as I can. I had almost 20 degrees difference from one side to the other before. I'm anxious to to fire it up now to see how much if any it improved. I was also surprised at how much hotter it is at the top rack. If I could find one that goes high enough I'd put one in the firebox itself. You just can't have too much information when refining your process. I bought these three on eBay a buck a piece. With shipping it was still less than one somewhere else. I do intend to rotate them if I continue getting temp variation to see if the variation is in the gauges. Maybe that's why their so cheap.
  11. Got to fire her up for the first time after paint. The only place that didn't far well was the roof of the fire box. I had stacked some hickery there and when I moved it the 500 degree engine enamel punked out on me. Oh well, I'll stip it and use the 2000 degree stuff in that spot.


    What paint survived the heat lost it's gloss anyway. Top side of firebox only, everything else looks great.


    That last minute refit of the lid paid off. Less that 5 degrees variation side to side. Now for a little Q-view!


    Chicken, pork and beef with room to spare.


    God, I love this smoker! I never would have got this right without Smoking Meat Forums. Thank you to everyone who posted builds on here! Sharing of knowledge is the greatest gift!


    Snacking . . .


    and Smoking.                  Oh yeah, and grinning!
  12. Your smoker turned out great and the delicious BBQ makes it all worth while. Looks sweet. I'm right behind you.
  13. Thanks DB. I got to start on the second bonehead today but ran out of Oxygen when I got to this point.


    So I decided to paint the first one with the time that that was allotted to me by  the Goddess of Redneck Menopause.

    God, I hope she doesn't decide to read this! If I don't post anything else after this call the police. Tell them to look out back in the woods.


    Then I went in the house to slice up the roast beef from yesturday for some sammies.


    I have got to get me a good slicer, this is as thin as I can get it with a knive. Mmmmmmmmm, emmmmm good!
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    Looks fantastic!!!!!!!
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  16. I can not believe my luck!!! My wife mentions to my wonderful awesome incredible Mother-in-law (I know that sounds odd) that I'm looking for a good meat slicer. She responds by saying "I have a big one that I don't use, you can have it next time you come to Virginia. It's a Hobart." Can you say ROAD TRIP this weekend!!! My wife's been jonesing to see her brother's newborn anyway. No building updates this weekend.
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    [​IMG]  hope ya have a good trip
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    [​IMG]  I love that but your right if the wife reads that [​IMG]  and you will be[​IMG]
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    WOW. I have no more words to describe how awesome that build is. Your great-grandchildren 10 times removed will still be cooking on that thing. Fantastic job!
  20. Yeah, I got home Wednesday night from a business trip and she had just read it. [​IMG]was the jest of what she had to say. She has a good sense of humor though. I mean, she did marry me after all.

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