I love BBQ! I've got some tools! I kinda have to build one, don't I ?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by bubbonehead, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. frosty

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    Good looking, I know you'll be painting it something purty!  Super work!
  2. meatinc

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    What a great build! Congrats on making a killer smoker and putting it to work!  Thanks for the thread!
  3.  I picked up this little sand blast pistol at harbor freight with a coupon for $14.99. I figured for that price I wouldn't get too hurt if it didn't do as I needed.


    I saw a video on you-tube of the same gun and the guy said to pour the play-sand through a screen to get out the big stuff that would clog the gun. This much junk came out of this much sand.


    Glad I saw that video. I found way bigger stuff than this later.


    A quick test on what is left of that trailer that donated my axle.


    Not at all disappointed! Noticed that it works much better if I let the compressor catch up with me each time I empty the 20 oz. hopper.

    That is really the only down fall. I need a bigger compressor. Santa?


    Slow going but it gets into those places I can't get to otherwise, and I can sweep up the sand and use it again! Flows better the second time too!

    Merry Merry, Happy Happy y'all.
  4. raymo76

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    Damn man, this has been a really enjoyable thread/build to follow. Can't wait to see it all painted up! Congrats and a really good job well done.
  5. chinasmoke

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    B, I would recommend getting sand meant for sandblasting. Play sand has silica, which is very bad when inhaled.
  6. Yeah, I know. Part of the reason I went with playsand is I can't find anyplace around here that sells sandblasting media. I read quite a bit on the internet about the silica issue, if I'm understanding all the stats correctly from the government study, out of 100,000 people in the study that sandblast for a living all day every day 14 died from what "may" have been caused by the silica. I figure my odds are pretty good just doing this one project, and I am wearing a resperator. I'm only using it on the spots that are hard to get to with my angle grinder too. The grinder is way faster.
  7. Sandblasting sand is also silica, best bet is just to use your respirator, it will stop you from inhaling the silica particles.

    Bottom line is you don't want to inhale particles of anything.It's just like everything else, you can be killed walking across the street also.

    The best warning is to use common sense.
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    [​IMG]One fine build !!! If you can fine sugar sand, it will work great in that sand blaster.....That's what I have been using in mine.....
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  9. Finally got some paint on this thing! Went with my first idea.

    First I needed to add a way to shut off this hole once my fire is started.






    I could ony find the high temp stuff in a rattle can locally. The pattern is soooo small it's very difficult to get a smooth lay down. Hopefully it will last long enough to make it worth it.


    still got fenders, lights and a little sumpen I been thinkin bout after seeing Dragon Breath's letters. It's gonbe cool fykin doit.
  10. great job on the build.very nice use of heavy steel
  11. when you fire up that beast are you relying on the internal dampers or the firebox dampers to maintain your heat
  12. Honestly a combination of both. Mostly I can control temp with the air inlet dampeners. Secondly I'll use the one between the firebox and the cook chamber. I've only necked down the exhaust dampener a couple times just experimenting. I've only cooked on it twice so far. I wanted to be sure that I had more adjustability than I would probably really need. Hard to add more after the fact if I realized I didn't have enough of something, easy to adjust something down if you don't really need it.
  13. Paint job looks great,

    Some nice wheels along with the fenders would really set it off.

    Are you planning on a work shelf below the door.
  14. solaryellow

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    Very nice job Bubbonehead! I really like the weed burner port on the firebox and am thinking about adding one to mine. [​IMG]
  15. Thanks, but don't look too close.

    I'm planning to build a removable work table that will attach over the wheel and extend out like a banana bar. Chrome rims are on my list but will have to wait. If I told my wife I'm on my way to get some rims I'd get more than "that look" at this point in time. 
  16. $17.99 at HF with coupon! Works great and sounds awesome! It echos inside the whole smoker and sounds like a jet taking off. My neighbor heard it over the fence and got "curious".
  17. solaryellow

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    We use one to get things started as well but end up propping it up so we can work on other things while it is busy making coals.
  18. OK, here's my hat tip to Dragon's Breath. I wouldn't have even thought of trying this otherwise.

    By the way DB, good thing you don't live close by. My Wife thought I was done, not happy with me, I mean you. I mean me.


    Anyone care to guess? Not an Olympic torch!


    Now that's a Bonehead thing right there!

    I intend to make a second one. One will by mounted on the fire box door and the other up on the lid counter weight, both painted orange.


    It's 20" tall and 12" wide.
  19. chinasmoke

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    Looks AWESOME!! is that just done with a acetylene torch? I've been meaning to ask DB
  20. ecto1

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    Wow is all I can say!!

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