"I like Big Butts, I cannot lie"

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  1. Had to go back to work so I did not have time until yesterday to try my first butt. It has been in a 1,1,1, brine w/peppercorns for a week. Great to have a "Beer Box" in the garage for brining.

    In the raw.

    After a rinse, and a good towel dry, I rubbed it down w/ Greek Yogurt and left it rest for close to and hour to come up to room temp. Thought culture in yogurt may do something different than the standard mustard or such.

    Then rubbed with a combo of:

    Granulated Garlic

    Granulated Onion

    Dry Mustard



    White Pepper

    Into the MES at 220 at 9 a.m.

    Hit 201 at 9 p.m., so I turned off the smoker and left it the box for an hour.

    A nice bark on top, but (pun intended) by smoking in the deep pan it did not really stall. I have poured off the jus for this pic. I think what I got was a roast/smoke on top and a braise on the bottom which eliminated the stall action.

    I also captured all the jus to cut back into the meat when eating.

    I will not claim it to be "Slap yo' Mama" good, but it ain't half bad.

    One would have to be the "Fifth Element" to gather all the knowledge available here, so I think I'll play with my food as I read other posts, and see what happens.

    Next item up Chicken Livers, they are not just for Cat bait!
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    QC, Nice smoke ,looks delicious !
  3. Looks great


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