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Discussion in 'Pork' started by roadkill cafe, May 11, 2013.

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    Well, you get to know certain songs when you have a teenage daughter whether it's your preferred music or not. [​IMG]  Anyway, family get together for Mother's Day at a cousin's house and was told "We're just going to throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill". So I figured it was a good opportunity to offer to smoke a couple butts for pulling (I picked up on her subtle hint). I should have offered to smoke them in exchange for a couple hour's use of her husband's Lamborghini or Nissan GT-R but I wasn't thinking at the moment. Picked up a 2 pack of butts that totalled 16.80 lbs. yesterday. Mixed up a large batch of rub and ensured I had everything for some of Chef JJ's Foiling Juice which I'm sure will amaze everyone. Picked up a few different BBQ sauces, for those attending that aren't purists, including a couple I hadn't tried before. Got Pat's Ho-Made (really, that's the name), Dinosaur Original Sensuous Slathering, Uncle Mike's Special Reserve 101 and Sweet Baby Ray's Vidalia Onion. Trimmed this morning and I'm trying one of them with most of the fat cap removed. It is well marbled with fat. Rubbed, wrapped and placed back in fridge to soak up the wonderful flavors.

    Loaded the AMNPS full with Pitmaster's Choice pellets and she's burning well. Of course as soon as I pulled the meat and gave it some more rub and MES was up to temp, the rain started. Being I don't have much of a covered area I was stressing but was prepared. Made it through the first storm ok. Hopefully no more tonight but I'm not holding my breath. It's going to be a long night!! Oh, as soon as I pull the meat out, in will go a batch of No Boil Smoked Mac & Cheese. Here are some pics and I'll update as it goes. Sorry for rambling on....Steve

    Trimmed and Rubbed

    Ready to go in (other one's in already)

    Ready for the rain!!

    Ready to be foiled with some Jimmy Juice


    Fell asleep and when I awoke they were just beyond my target temp. Quickly pulled them, double wrapped in HD foil and into the cooler they went, all snuggly with an old quilt.


    Chef JimmyJ's Foiling Juice skimmed and going into the fridge so I can de-fat the rest. This stuff is awesome. I could drink it from the pan!! It's really that good. Now to get busy with the Mac & Cheese [​IMG]




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  2. roadkill cafe

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    Got hungry so I tossed in a small frozen pepperoni pizza topped with some extra mozzarella for about 10 min. or so on the top rack then into a 400* toaster oven to crisp the crust. I never knew a frozen pizza could taste sooooo good!!!

  3. seenred

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    Lookin' good so far, Steve!  

  4. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    Thank you, Red. [​IMG]

    Pics updated in original post above.
  5. webowabo

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    Looks good. I offered to do some PP for mothers day. But my parentels went out of town :( gonna try some pulled chicken sammies instead for something quick.
  6. roadkill cafe

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    Thanks Webowabo. Sounds like you'll be eating well anyway. I have some very good friends out there in Arlington and in Richardson. Hope the weather holds up for y'all today.

  7. webowabo

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    Oh yeah.. good ol Arlington. Pretty much born here...Thanks. Hope the weather holds well for you to..
    Mine.. 79* high today... beautiful!
  8. roadkill cafe

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    No Boil Mac & Cheese is in and being caressed by some TBS of the peach variety.

  9. gotribe28

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    What brand is your amnps? And how do you like it? Da Butts look awesome!!!
  10. papacurtis

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    Looking good there in DFB, Roadkill.(Steve). I see we got our pork in the same store. Put my butt in at 2am.Ribs in now. Only got a little rain out west last night. Lucky for me I have a covered patio. That Mac and cheese I gotta try soon. Hope it's a great Moms day for you and yours! Cheers!
  11. roadkill cafe

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    Thanks Gotribe.

    There's only one A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker. Todd, site sponsor, makes them. If you mean what size, it's the 5X8 and does both pellets and dust. I have an MES so this was designed for it and it works fantastic!! If you have an MES it's a must. Propane can use the AMNTS (tube smoker) with pellets. To top it off you won't find better customer service and a nicer person to deal with than Todd.

  12. roadkill cafe

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    No Boil Smoked Mac & Cheese is done (no, it's not burnt in the upper right corner...shadow). Time to clean up and roll out. Thanks all for looking. [​IMG]



  13. kathrynn

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    Steve....looks like the fam is going to love what You have done.....it all looks great...you can come up here and do some for us anytime!  [​IMG]

    Let's see some pics after they are pulled!  Wanna see the juicy pork!

  14. roadkill cafe

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    Thanks PC...Penn-Dutch has the best meats at better prices by far!! I only had the one shower when I first put the meat in then clear the rest of the night (my prayers were answered). You have to try the Mac & Cheese. It's killer IMO. I used Pitmaster's Choice pellets on the butts and peach on the Mac & Cheese (lighter smoke flavor). Hope your Mother's Day was good as well.
    Thank you, Kat!! It was a hit!! Turned out that they scrapped the burgers and hot dogs idea completely when they saw this. Sorry I didn't get any pics after pulling. As soon as I was finished pulling and was taking off the gloves, it was placed on the table and it was attacked!! My Aunt might have gotten a pic. I'm going to check. Out of almost 17 lbs. (uncooked weight) it was almost all gone. Only one of the BBQ sauces got opened. Everyone went for JJ's Foiling Sauce when they saw that's what I was going for. Heard several folks going "OMG is this sauce addictive!!" I agree.
  15. chef jimmyj

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    Looks great and the " Jimmy Juice " cracked me up! But I got to ask...They got a Lambo and a GT-R and the best they can do to splurge is on DOGS and BURGERS!?!? That Grill should a been covered in 1lb Lobster Tails and 2" thick Dry Aged Prime Porterhouse Steaks!!!!...JJ
  16. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks JJ. That's how they can afford the Lambo & GT-R!! You should see his boat out back in the water! 37' or 38' Fountain with four 300hp Mercs. It flat out MOVES!!
  17. smoke slinger

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    It all looked good, Gonna have to try the frozen pizza trick
  18. roadkill cafe

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    Thanks SS. I hadn't ever thought of the pizza thing before. Figured I'd give it a shot. If it didn't turn out worth anything I'd only be out a buck and I had another one to toss in the toaster oven anyway.
  19. gotribe28

    gotribe28 Fire Starter

    Can I get a recipe for the mac and cheese please....
  20. kathrynn

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