I like big butts and I can not lie...

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  1. Staring this bad boy off in 1.5 hours, 10 lbs bone in, nice little rub and, apple, I find apple smoke the best for pork. Will throw in some beans later in the day. Please feel free to post any good butt smokes (or butt jokes) on here, would love to compare results and puled pork recipes.  I will post the 16 hour journey as it goes on.

  2. Have fun!!!

    I was almost afraid to click on the thread because of the title... [​IMG]
  3. Little play on words for fun.
  4. I have a 7# butt on right now. We can most def compare after the smokes. I brined overnight with apple cider vinegar/water and Stubbs pork rub. For the wood, I used pecan and oak. I'll be following this thread and I can't wait to see the results!
  5. I opted not to brine. Cooking it like a brisket and letting it go up to 205 int.
  6. Up every hour to add water ir rough. Fyi, if the pan dries out and fat dripped into it. Adding water creates a very nice fireball.
  7. 12 hrs in. 180 int. Took it out to foil it untill 205 int. Smells delicious
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    Ditch the water pan, there's no need for it. The water doesn't do anything, except as you mentioned keep you up.
  9. Did this one yesterday on my offset smoker. 11.5 lbs.

    Put it on at 9:15 with the smoker @ 240.

    At 4:50 it was holding at 167 so foiled it and turned up the heat to 300.

    At 7:50 it was up to 202. Pulled to start cooling so I wouldn't be up all night.

    The foil pan it was in was almost running over the top, where did all that come from?

    It was by fare the juiciest butt I have cooked yet.

    I think my helper wants a taste.

  10. Mmmmmmm, that looks good. I gotta get me a set of them claws too. Mine is almost done and I'll post pics so we can compare if you dont mind. I 'm trying to set my bark right now. Great job on the smoke!
  11. That looks amazing. Feel free ti pist all pics you want.
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    Couple of nice smokes there, nice job !

  13. Resting in a cooler now. Cant wait to rip it apart.
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    I got a pair of bear claws with a thermometer I bought. I used them a couple of times but find that I prefer to pull the pork with my fingers. I can get the fat blobs out of the way and the messy tendon tissue and pick it to the size I prefer. I wear sterile rubber gloves and just toss 'em when I'm done.

    Now, if we were talkin' about meat that didn't come out as tender, I might go to the claws; but for pork butt, let your fingers do the pullin'.
  15. Asked my wife if she would help with the pulled pork. She said sure, I said use your fingers in my butt. No help at all now and Im doing the dishes.
  16. 7lb Boston Butt with our house rub.  No marinade.  Injected with Tony Chachere's Creole Butter injection.  Using a mix of oak and hickory.  Shooting for IT of about 190deg.  Should be perfect for pulled pork sandwiches.  Also grilled some hatch chilis and am rendering down some cracklins.  Gonna be a good day!!

  17. Yeah I hear ya Rabbithutch, prolly looks more fun than it is. Well, here is the butt all rested and pulled! IT was 195. Bark was nice and firm. Extras freezer bagged for later.

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    Aquarices, that PP looks awesome ! Thumbs Up
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    Hey that's 3 really good smokes.  Nice job people.


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