I know we talk about this but pork butt problems

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by j6o6s6h, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. j6o6s6h

    j6o6s6h Newbie

    Ok I cooked a butt for 8 hours at 235 degrees. I wrapped it in foil when meat hit 165 degrees. Then when the meat hit 200 degrees I took it out. The meat was fantastic but what I really want is the meat to fall apart to make pork sandwiches. What does the internal temp need to be at to fall apart? I keep reading 205 but does 5 degrees really make a difference?
  2. seenred

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    No 2 butts are the same...but the range usually falls between 200-210*. I usually get it to 200, then check the tenderness by tugging and twisting periodically on the bone. When it feels like I could pull the bone out clean with my hand, it's definitely tender enough to pull apart.

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  3. gearjammer

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    Hello and welcome, to this site.

    I know you will get a better response if you post

    this kind of question in the pork section.

    I guess the first thing I would ask, is your thermometer

    absolutely accurate?

    Other than that you need folks with more experience 

    than I have.

    Someone sooner or later will come upon this in here.

    But I would post the question in pork for a quick answer.


    PS   Red's post wasn't up when I sent that.

    He will get you fixed up.
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  4. tropics

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    I like to test using a toothpick,when you can put it into the meat,like a knife going into butter its done.Bone showing is also a good sign.

  5. j6o6s6h

    j6o6s6h Newbie

    I'll try that next time. But God damnit when I see it cooked smelling good I can't contain myself.
  6. tropics

    tropics Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    J that is a terrible problem,we all know that LOL the answer to the 5* yes it can make a difference.Have fun keep the smoke rolling

  7. j6o6s6h

    j6o6s6h Newbie

    Thanks for your replies
  8. photoguy67

    photoguy67 Newbie

    I am no expert, but did you let the meat rest? 
  9. j6o6s6h

    j6o6s6h Newbie

    I did that, if I remember for 20 minutes or so, and I was cutting into it, it was tender really really good. But just looking for that fall apart type good
  10. j6o6s6h

    j6o6s6h Newbie

    I'm just going to combine everyone's replie. Wait till it hits 205-210, use a toothpick, look for the bone to show, feel it and see if it's ready to fall apart.
  11. smokinal

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    The bone should slide right out with no meat on it.


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