I have sinned beyond redemsion

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  1. Thanks to all of you, I have done some great smoking of meat. Today I screwed the pooch. I had a beautifuf set of ribs in the cooler after smoking, then i dedided I needed to put some char on them. The char quickly went to burnt. I was so pissed. I know I am not the only one to do this but damn, it is just wrong. I will not make this mistake again. I just wanted to blow off some steam. I don't need any reply, I just feel better now letting someone else know how stupid you can be when cooking a beautiful set of ribs. Damn damn damn.

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    No sweat...congress happens...heh-heh!

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    That's OK.... Pizza Hut delivers any pizza for $10  [​IMG]
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    Got any pics of the ( char)?...... )(lol)  Don't sweat it $%&* Happens   [​IMG]
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    First of all - you need to give up your built in Cathiolic guilt. I know the program very well, I have been maried to one for 25 years.

     Not to worry - I have been doin this for a while and forgot that I had some ABT;s in the smoker tonite for an extra hour - needless to say they are over done

    I hate the bartender that overserved me tonite - he is a pain in the _ss
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  6. When I was teaching or when I work with anyone and a mistake is made, I tell them "We learn from our mistakes, and the rate I'm going I should be a genius."
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    We've all done this to some poor cut of meat or a poor chicken.

    A few years back, my BIL who fancied himself as some kind of grill pro (he used gas) took a rack of baby back ribs I had lovingly marinated overnight for the family get together. Mind you - we were really poor living hand to mouth and the ribs were a luxury item we would have never purchased for ourselves.

    I presented my ribs to my BIL who promptly threw them on top of way to high flames and left to suck down a few beers with the grill lid opened.

    They caught fire almost instantly. I begged my husband to let me at least move them or turn down the flame but he assured me his brother 'knew what he was doing'. My BIL finally noticed the black mess and decided to close the cover to "finish".

    They were in there for another hour - still over high flame.

    What resulted? A black, inedible chunk of char that was more than half it's original size.

    We were stuck eating shoe-leather tough tri-tip (his specialty) and hot dogs.

    I have come a long way in my grilling skills and if the same scenario happened again I would put my foot down.
  8. Scarbelly,

    Our other halves sound like twins and I think we have the same bartender. It's the curse of the Irish or blessing as I see it.

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    That is a great story, I wish (your Bil) the best of luck.....LOL
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