I have a pork question !!

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    I purchased a 37inch ,pork loin. Its wrapped in a dry rub until tomorrow morning. I am having a feast for my family and friends so they can come worship my Jim bowie :) haha. ANYWAY ! My question is , should I cook it as one piece or should I cut it into two or three sections ? and at what temperature should I cook it at and for how long ? I want to turn it into a pulled pork. Thanks for you're help in advance ! :)
  2. acidsorm

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    I have a 30 inch pork side rib I also want to cook in with the loin. Will I be able to use the same temperature ?
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    Don't know if you've cooked this yet, but to answer:

    The pork loin is not ideal for pulling as it is too lean; best served is to do it as a roast or roasts.

    The 'side rib" I could interpret to mean sparerib?  Cooking time would be 6 hours on those.

    Temps on both would be 225° - 250° to 145° minimum, pink center on the loin, and indeterminate on the sparerib.
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