i have 20' of 20'' pipe and want to build a smoker.

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    i have recently acquired  a good amount of 20''X3/8 pipe and am wanting to build a smoker.  as far as designing a smoker goes i have really no clue as to what all goes into designing a smoker that works well. i have 2 basic looks that i am considering. i would like to have individual line in the fire box for propane starting the fire/getting smoker hot, and 1 that i can hook up a regulator and my air compressor to for those days that there is now wind to keep air flowing thru the pit. in the past i have had to set up a box fan by the fire box to keep air moving through the pit.

    here is a couple ROUGH ROUGH sketches of the basic design of the 2 that i am considering right now.   hopefully this is a newbie friendlyish area.  I am open to ideas and suggestions.

    as far as the base of the smoker that goes to the ground i am planning on a single pipe that i can pivot to get more/less air flow when needed.  I would like for it to be somewhat efficient as far as heat source goes. 
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