I hate last minute smoking!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by funk, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Got the call yesterday from my sister that she wants pulled pork for family party friday afternoon.   I was going to cook 2 8lbs today, but I took the kids to the drive inn last night until 2 (Brave and Avengers, if you wanted to know.  Both really good).  I was planning on cooking today, but I did not prep the butts last night.  I am thinking of smoking them plain and mixing rub in after pulling.  I figure that the flavors would soak into the meat.  Only problem is, my boy has a basesball game later on towards the time when the meat may be finishing up and I don't want to take the chance of a temp spike while I am not home.

    The other option is to put them on around 9 tonight and do an overnighter (I have never done that before).  I usually cook the around 230 degrees.  No real question here, I guess I am just complaing because my uncle is coming into town and he was a chef and culinary instructor for 40 years, so I want to get his opion on my final product.  I only see him every 2-3 years.   I cook on my weber SM, so I am comfortable letting it go without checking it.  
  2. The WSM will hold temp real well so no problem. The rub can be put on right before they go in the smoker, no problem, if you can rub your butts [​IMG], then start your smoker, by the time its up to temp your fine. I would not mix the rub in after smoking.
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    My Weber does hold pretty good.  I think at this point I will just do an overnighter.  I am figuring between 12-16 hours for 2 at 8lbs each.  If I do it today, I will not be able to get them on until noon, so I am looking at midnight or later.  I think I will take my chances and put them on at 10 tonight.
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    You could always bump your temps to shorten cook times. I've been experimenting with ribs at higher temps and have had great results thus far. I've also read of many who do butts at 275˚+ and have raved about the finished product. I'm guessing you might get them done in 8 hours. However, as you're wanting to impress your Uncle, it's probably a good idea to stick with what's familiar and comfortable to you, if you can swing it. Good luck and don't forget the Q-view!!

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