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  1. To All that have anything from I Device, I want to mention this,

    I have Thanks to this Forum purchased my first I - Grill 2 . When it showed up I immediately ordered an Ambient probe and two more Pro probes (thanks Case [​IMG], you were having an issue at that time with one) so that I had options and a spare. fast forward 5 months and I go out to set up a smoke and for whatever reason one probe decided to go sideways (massive high reading)

    I called their CS department and got right in without having to punch a handful of buttons or listen to a computer [​IMG]

    I was told it was not something i did things with probes can just happen and they had no problem replacing (This was one of their First Statements) It took longer to verify my address than to solve my issue.

    I can not say enough great things about this company and their service. I plan to buy more units as my others die off (only a matter of time) I tend to monitor far too many items at times....MRS OS says it is a sickness.... [​IMG]  judge for yourself with the picture below. it does help in keeping track of the whole unit during the smoke.

    Keep On Smokin,


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    My iGrill2 just ran for 30 hours straight, zero issues. Can't remember when I replaced the batteries in it!
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    I'd say your collection toolkit is quite modest! :yahoo:

    Good to know about the customer service. Thanks!
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  4. I had to replace batteries once but it was after many long smokes and the original batteries I do not expect a lot from anyway.

  5. [​IMG]
    I originally had 24 of the white units, only two of the head end units have given up the ghost. It is the probes that act up as we all know and you pay about 15-20 for the unit (Sale Pricing) and Taylor will send you new probes for $5.00ea. plus shipping. that my friend is the toss of the dice issue....is it money well spent? otherwise you end up with a drawer full of fancy kitchen timers.[​IMG]


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