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Discussion in 'Pork' started by atcnick, Oct 2, 2013.

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    I started a pork leg in the brine to make a ham using pop's recipe.  Its only been in the brine for 6 days of a total of 30.  My second fridge that I've been keeping it in just went out.  Looking for suggestions on how or if I should cook this thing now?   I have no room anywhere else to store it to finish curing.

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  2. No camping cooler to put it in?

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    I use a 4.5 cu. ft,  w-mart dorm fridge for beer, curing, casings, cigars, mixer etc....   Keeps my stuff out of the brides fridge...  and I let her use it on occasion... It's been in use for 16 years....  If your looking for a new, somewhat inexpensive fridge....  Small, inconspicuous, can sit almost anywhere..   Dave
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    do you have a local country store near by who they are familiar with you.. I would ask them if you can store it in their drink cooler
  5. Hi Atcnick. You have a situation that scares me to death: one of my BBQ/Beer fridges going out (or my freezer for that matter).  The guys above have some good suggestions.  I gave a freezer to my MIL that was rebuilt 20 yrs ago and is still going strong.  It's an oldie but a goodie that I picked up from a guy who repaired them in his garage.  Maybe you have a local guy that repairs fridges and freezers that you can pick up cheap. ...or have yours repaired cheap.  If it's a new one it's probably the circuit card.  If an old one maybe the compressor or a simple switch.

    BTW... I was born in Longview in '62.  (Good Shepard)  Lived in Kilgore the first 10 yrs of my life before moving to Dallas area (Garland). I joined the Army in '81 and after a three year ride at Ft Hood '85 - '87 I've not lived in TX since.  I still have family in the Dallas area that I visit as often as I can.  ...but I still order Albert's Hot Sauce over the internet 12 jars at a time!  LOL
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    atcnick, any way I could get in touch? I'm in Sydney, Australia and currently building pretty much exactly what you have. Just need a few pointers. I can call or email, whatever works for you.


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