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    Yesterday morning I decided to go out and fire up the Yoder!! I figured it was time to smoke me another chuckie! Well like the title said I found my temp. limit! The auger on my Yoder just does not like to feed pellets at -10 deg. wind chill -25!! So what was I to do? Plug in the MES? Nope screw that I'm making pot roast in the oven!! Got up this morning and it was 12 deg hit the start button on the pit and it fired off perfect! Pot roast was good but seems like a waste of good meat ever sense I stated slow smokin my beef roasts!! I guess I don't have a temp. limit after all. I did try!!! But my equipment sure does!!!

    Keep Smokin!!!

  2. chance

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    Thankfully it hasn't gotten quite that cold here. We had a -13 degree morning ( wind chill) here a week or so ago and I fired up the Rec -Tec just to see if it would. 

    It fired up no problem. I was just curious if it would after reading about temp limit on this forum. (I;m new to pellet poopers)

    I really don't understand.... What causes the auger not to turn in extreme cold temps?

    Anyway,  hang in there. We'll be swapping stories about how hot it is before you know it!

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