I finally smoked a fattie

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by fatboyz, Nov 1, 2014.

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    Well after looking at this forum for a few weeks, I decided to try my hand at a fattie...

    So I rolled a sausage out in a bag

    I loaded it it with provolone cheese, spinach, yellow bell pepper, onion, touch of celery, fresh chopped jalapeno and crispy bacon,

    Got my weave ready...

    I rolled it up, didn't get it as tight as I wanted to. However, got it rolled...

    After rolling it in the weave, I was afraid the weave was going to come off, and the sausage was going to explode because it wasn't as tight as I thought it should be. I cheated and tied some bakers twine to hold it in place and loaded it into the smoker.

    I smoked it at 250-275, looking for an internal temp of 165 like everyone else, 4 hours later it hit the mark. The bacon was not quite crispy enough for my wife, so I put it in the oven (broiler) for about 2-3 minutes and she was happy.

    After resting, sliced it 

    Decided to take one more after slicing 

    I seasoned it with my rib rub, the flavor and taste was amazing. However, it was a little salty but that I can adjust. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed eating it.
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    Looks awesome. Just found my next project!

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