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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by james1nc, May 31, 2014.

  1. The wife wanted chicken salad and I had some chicken so I figured I would make her some , I'm the worlds worst chicken cooker  unless I par-boil it first. I'm always worried about under cooked chicken. So I par- boil the chicken then put heavy smoke on it for 90 min then I grilled it .
    me par boiling is kinda cheating
  2. atomicsmoke

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    That looks like good chicken there. I don't know about cheating. Foiling is considered cheating by some. Liquid smoke too. They are shortcuts . Parboiling on the other hand...you lose a lot of flavour in that water. Try without it ...after yoy get a thermometer to avoid undercooked meat.
  3. I have cooked A LOT of chicken on the grill in my life it's just the one meat I try to avoid cooking on the grill or smoking .
  4. jckdanls 07

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    yup.. get a good instant read meat thermometer and put the worries behind ya...
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Yeah , what a sin . . . do you boil your Bacon before you fry it too [​IMG]  And I guess you boil your Ribs and slather liquid smoke all over them for that true BBQ taste . . . [​IMG].

    All kidding aside , if chicken bothers you , by all means do what you are comfy with; Chum - up to a Buddy cooking Chicken on his BBQ and just watch. Then as you gain confidence , step up and try it sans - parboil. Little steps become giant leaps...

    Hang in there , you're doing fine. Have fun and as always . . .
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    Back on track here........ if I don't make smoked chicken gumbo with the left overs, its always either smoked chicken macaroni salad or a chicken salad. You pull a smoked chicken salad sandwich out anywhere everyone can smell it and you have the upper hand when the trading starts in the lunchroom! LOL....

    But that macaroni salad with those little bitty sweet peas and pieces of cheese....... I had to wipe the drool there, sorry.

    Its really hard to mess anything up better than with the left over smoked chicken....... if you can save any ROFLMAO!
  7. The only reason I made chicken is because my lovely wife ask me to. chicken may go one my smoker 3 times a yr , If you want chicken go to kfc. NOW if you want me to do a whole hog or butts or anything besides chicken ill put mine up against anyone !!!  I'm sure I have done more whole hogs than you have oldschool,

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