I can't stop MES 30 temp

Discussion in 'Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners' started by smokindontcb77, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. smokindontcb77

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    I'm seasoning my brand new smoker. I set it for 275 and according to my Maverick I'm at 330 and rising.
    Is this normal? I knew there was a difference in temp but not this great of a difference.
    Any suggestions?
  2. I'd turn it down to 225 and see where it goes on the Maverick.
  3. smokindontcb77

    smokindontcb77 Fire Starter

    Thank you I just did that. I didn't place the probe in any special place. I just kinda dropped it in.
    the probe that came with the smoker registers 317 as well so something is definetly not right.
  4. daveomak

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    Turn the smoker temp down and see if you can regulate the temp.... Doesn't matter what the temp is.... all you need to do is regulate it....

    Then, use the Maverick and control the temp based on it's reading.... If your smoker runs hot, you are in luck.... you can crisp chicken skin etc... most MES smokers run cold and getting above 275 is impossible....

  5. Also, if your probe from your Maverick is touching metal, I believe you will get a higher reading than the ambient air in the smoker.

    You said you just dropped it in..........

    Any one confirm or reject this?
  6. smokindontcb77

    smokindontcb77 Fire Starter

    I lowered it to 225 and the maverick says 257 for the BBQ probe. The food probe says 248. it is very slowly dropping
  7. Sounds like you're getting a handle on it. Let 'er run and see where it stabilizes!
  8. smokindontcb77

    smokindontcb77 Fire Starter

    Thank you everyone for the advice. Im still trying to figure the thing out. The temperature could read 280 when set to 250 (as an example) but if I lower the temp to 247, the temp will drop to 260.

    It seems very sporadic.

    Where is the ideal placement for the probe?
  9. daveomak

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    Place the probe on the rack neck to the meat... Add pea gravel or sand to the water pan for thermal mass.... Run the smoker and don't worry about the temperature fluctuation..... Your oven, in the kitchen probably does the same thing...
  10. I agree with Dave on this one. Also I noticed with my MES that the temp did not go crazy like that when I had it loaded up with food. I am assuming that the food as it heat absorbs a lot of the heat and after it gets to temp it then works as a heat sink. At least I found that to be the case with my unit.

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