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  1. I just paid $18.95 for two recipes (Jeff's Rub). I am going to try the rub on a set of spares tomorrow. This stuff better be as good as all of you have raved. [​IMG]

    Seriously though, after putting the rub together Tuesday night, I have been looking forward all week to putting these things in the smoker in the morning. My question is do the majority of you stick strictly with the instructions Jeff describes or do you deviate from it? If so, in what ways?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. flyin'illini

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    I have not changed the recipe on the rub recipe from the base level. (have not used the sauce as I just prefer finishing sauce only) It is a great start, especially if you are a newbie who has never created a rub or sauce before. One change I plan to try is reducing the brown sugar and increasing the pepper (all types).

    Relative to your comments about the price of the recipe, my two cents is that this is the only item on the site you have to pay for access to, so many see it as a 'bargain' due to the $$ enabling Jeff to keep SMF running. All other info is still FREE with registration which for me personally has saved a ton of $$ from lowering the learning curve to creating good Que.

    More recently, Jeff has created another way you can contribute to the site by signing up to be a premier member ($15 annually).

    The tip jar link has probably always been there as well.
  3. bassman

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    On the advice of someone else here on the forum, I changed the brown sugar to Turbinado sugar (Raw sugar). This is the only rub I use, and it's excellent! The sauce can be adjusted according to Jeff's directions to lower heat if desired.
  4. jtribout

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    Don't ever feel guilty to try different things. Nothing is etched in stone. It's all experiences and the best way to find whats right for you is to start with a base and work from that point out. Use the years of trial and error that Jeff has been through to find a great base for you to experience BBQ in a quality way. Next time you make it add more of something you like or take away something you feel the sauce may not need. To each their own. Have fun with it!!
    And, the upkeep on this site must be crazy. I don't think the revenue from his recipes are paying for a beach home in Florida. I want to help support the site so I can get advice from seasoned pro's of the Q.

    Enjoy and welcome!
  5. capt dan

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    Alot of folks have bought the recipes for the rub and the sauce, so have I They are both good recipes, and I have adjusted them for my liking. The sauce is very good, I use half of the black pepper as he calls for, and the rub, I mix half and half with my own butt rub recipe to make my rib rub.

    I am also a premier member(sponsor) without the added bright green title. The knowledge I have gained on the SMF site has saved me alot more than the 34 bucks that I have invested. I have been part of lower budget sites. Ya get what ya pay for, and this place is a bargain![​IMG]
  6. Please understand... I wasn't complaining. As a numbers guy, I simply cannot believe I just paid that for two recipes. I was only speaking to the surface of the fact only. I completely understand the funding needed to keep this place going. I am certainly grateful for this site. I can smoke meat respectfully now because of it. So from that perspective, I can certainly justify the money. And that is the reason I did it.

    As I said before, I am so excited to give this stuff a try as I was looking for a middle of the road (not too hot, not too bland) rub. Everything I've done to this point has been spicy hot.

    I was NOT complaining.
  7. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    OK, that being said, when ya make the sauce, use half of the pepper first and see how ya like it. I think Jeff even mentions that in his recipe. I like the heat, but the kids and wife, aint too excited about that much heat. I'll get them there eventually![​IMG]
  8. supervman

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    Look at it like buying a cookbook and SAVING $ at the same time.
    Making this stuff yourself is WAY CHEAPER than buying some sauce/rub in the store with a perdy label.


    Doctor it up and changer up as you like/wish.

    Happy Smokin.

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