I butterflied a few chickens - having party - want to cook early and then just re-heat later. How do

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  1. I am going to brine some chickens overnight........I am going to make BRICK CHICKEN which is when I cook chicken on my grill flat w/ some bricks on to of it....comes out good....Tomorrow, I am having some people over for dinner and dont really want to spend much time at the grill so I was wondering if I can cook ahead of time and then just reheat? Of course I want the crispy skin etc.....What do you think?
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    Your Chickens will cook in 3-4 hrs. and can be held wrapped in Foil an towels , then placed n a cooler . You  will not , however you will not have Crisp Skin   .

    For that , you will have to place them on a hot grill , or an oven @ 300*F. (I would grill skin down ) .

    Have fun and . . .
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    A spatched chicken takes right about 1-1 1/2 hours running your smoker or grill at 350. I'd cook the birds right before dinner for crispy skin.

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