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    Here is a video of the smoker.


    I had three smokers (nothing like this) and lost all 3 in a tornado. I just replaced all 3 with this smoker. I had a USD I made, a Masterbuilt (which I will also replace) and a grill/smoker combo.

    This is a reverse flow smoker. The fire box has access from the top or side. The grates slide out for easy access to add or remove meat. It also has a propane line and wand to start your fire. The front smoke stack can be closed.

    The tank in this photo holds water and the line runs it to a place to put a pan (I think that's right) to keep moisture in the smoker.
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    What are the advantages/disadvantages to the reverse flow.
  3. The main advantages are more even temps & quicker recovery time due to the reverse flow plate. No big disadvantages that I can think of other than that they cost more to build.
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    The main disadvantage of a reverse flow relative to tuning plates is the inability to change heat zones. With tuning plates, you can set it up for even heat across your racks, or you can make some areas hotter or cooler so you can cook different meats at different temps at the same time. With a reverse flow it stays the way you built it.

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