I bought my MES 40 (for free)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by soonerprices, Apr 28, 2011.

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    I'd like to share my story how I got my smoker (smokers really gonna make a USD as well) for free.  I live in Oklahoma (OKC metro) and am a HUGE Oklahoma Sooners fan.  I also teach school and coach (HS basketball and MS football).  During the end of year football banquet, which happened to be the same week as OU vs OSU, some of the coaches were trying to get me and another coach (an OSU fan) to wager on the game.  I really didn't want to bet and the OSU fan could see that and he was giving me hell about it.  The coach also coaches varsity basketball with me.  I am the freshman coach and he is the sophomore coach and we are responsible for driving to all away games.  The head coach and head assistant never drive.  So, I say to him here is the bet if you agree: I take OU and you take OSU, straight up, and the loser has to drive to all away games and the winner gets to turn it in and get paid.  There were 27 trips at a minimum of $10 a trip.  My bus driving check well covered the MES and will cover the expenses for a USD (esp since I found a drum this morning for free). 

    I'm gonna use my smoker this Sunday and will post some pics.  I also can't wait to get started on USD.  Some of the pics in the USD forum provide some great ideas.

    I appreciate all the advice that was given to me in another thread I started.  i didn't get all my answers here but I got enough to get me where i needed to be. 
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    BTW, are there specific wood chips you have to buy (Masterbuilt brand) or will just and small wood chips work?

    How do you know if you need the free retro fit kit (other than using it).  I have seen the video but there wasn't any info how to know exactly if you need it. 

    Also i haven't read the instructions yet but I assume that the chips go in the side tube and the tray that is inside the smoker, under the burner, hold the ashes to the burnt chips?
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    Wow You made out great!

    And congrats to you for putting in the time to coach kids!!!!

    I know how much time it takes, but also how rewarding it is, because I assisted my brother for many years.

    He coached Connie Mack Baseball (13 to 15 year olds) for 27 years. I was his assistant, but had to take over often, because he worked "Swing Shift".

    Welcome to the family,

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    Hi Sooner,

    Any wood chips will work in the MES, that is what is so great about them over another electric that requires proprietary pucks...  A lot of members here have gone one step further and invested in an AMAZE-N- SMOKER which allows you to cold smoke things like Cheese, Fish, Bacon, etc.  It uses Saw Dust and has a burn time of 6-8 hrs.  Those of us who have then love them and most never use the built in chip burner in the MES...

    You can see them or buy them here: AMAZE-N- SMOKER
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    Yep for MES owners the AMNS is the way to go!

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