I bought a Cook's Shank Bone In ham from King Sooper's (City Market or Ralph's depending on your are

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  1. will probably use my roaster oven, but curious how many of you have smoked a ham similar to this and how you did it.  Did you use a glaze?  Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper for the fluid?  What kind of wood chips?  Curious about if I will smoke it or not.  I love ham, and want something awesome.
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    I have used these. I have done several injections with Coke Dr Pepper and all. They all are different and good. I reduce whatever injecting liquid I have left and put it on the outside of the ham and add a little rub. I smoke with different woods. I like Hickory and cherry mixed.
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    Chorizo, I like to use Rootbeer and Brown sugar, make almost a paste and smear it all over the Ham( if it is Spiral cut even better). Smoke @225* to 165*f IMT and baste with the paste. This will burn easy so heads up.As for Smoke,it has most likely been pre-cooked (most likely using Hickory),so a good glazing and a little more Hickory and it should be great[​IMG].

    Some Candied Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Cranberry Salad, Sweet Tea and Cornbread with Sawmill Gravy from the drippings and you've got a great meal,YUMMO!

    Have fun...
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    Smoke it for sure! Is it fully cooked "ready to eat" or partially cooked "ready to cook"? I smoke Cook's alot when I can't find Smithfield's. I always get the "ready to cook". I usually just inject some maple syrup and rub the outside with syrup and brown sugar or just syrup. Sky's the limit on what you can do with these but smoking it will not disappoint you.

    Here's a pair of cooks shank portions I did http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/108964/another-sunday-ham-with-q-view
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  7. So that made my decision easy. Wow thanks for the replies. I wish I could smoke it up right now!

  8. oldschool, so for Thanksgiving my brother cooked his ham in the oven then put it on the grill.  I went with your root beer and brown sugar glaze.  it was awesome!  thanks.  I am going to smoke one tonight and inject it with root beer and do that glaze.  I added a bit of cajun seasoning too.  Thanks again

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