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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by granger, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Pleased to meet you! My name is Tim and I reside in northern Indiana. I'm a husband of 28 years, a father to a daughter who is a sophomore in college, a father to a son who is a senior in high school that keeps me busy with his motocross racing.
    I am a welder by trade and decided I wanted to build a smoker a few years ago so I started collecting parts and pieces, I built this smoker with the intent of using charcoal and chunks of wood and for the most part it worked ok but with the fire tube so small I was constantly tending the fire . I eventually lost interest and shoved it in the barn until last week when I seen my old turkey fryer sitting there collecting dust and I thought the propane burner would be a perfect fix for my smoker.
    After the propane mod and fabricating a wood chip cup I decided I had never done pork butts so why not try it ? I smoked a 6 and 8 pounder today and thanks to this communities passion for what they do and a willingness to share their experiences I was able to make some pretty darned good pulled pork.

    To the forum and contributors a huge Thanks!
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    Welcome Tim. Those are some serious looking tires!

    You've come to the right place all right. Lots of talented creative guys like you that can build.a smoker out of almost anything.

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