I baught a RecTec, here is my first weekend with it

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by motsco, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    my RT first dance.

    got my RT on Friday, I ordered it Monday,pretty fast shipping for 500lbs of goodies.

    assembly took about 30 minutes. took about 20 minutes to unpack everything.

    Rec Tec customer service is top notch A+. i forgot to install the front shelf, and when I went to remove the leg bolts to install the front shelf I stripp the nuts, I emailed RT, new bolts nuts etc. on the way.

    I purchased the best deal combo plus a six pack of pellets. thanks to 12 month financing.

    the temp settings are easy, the temps recover well when opening the lid.
    my grill has a extra smoke button that works great at 225 but I have not used the Xsmoke while cooking.

    on this post I will show my first cooks from this weekend.

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  2. oconeeal

    oconeeal Smoke Blower

    Enjoy I have had mine for just over 3 month and already used over 500 lbs of pellets.  I am cooking every weekend and love it.  
  3. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    when I got the RecTec assembled it was about 330 pm so I fired it up for the 1 hour break in at 400. it took about 25 minutes to get to 400.

    around 430 pm I put some bacon on a frog mat to add a little seasoning at 400 degrees, took about 20 minutes.

    my plan for my first cook was steak an baked potatoes, I figured since I had the grill temp running at 400 why not.

    I put my tators on and let them cook for an hour.

    the grill grates for the RT are back ordered, so I used the ones off my ol reliable kettle and placed them on the RT grate on the right side and let the GG warm up. I also left the drip pan in.

    my first cook attempt turned out err ok. learning curve incoming :)

    the RT isn't exactly like a oven per the tators. they wher way under done, needed maybe 1/2 hour more.

    the steaks, well because I left the drip plate in and used GG on top of grates, they wer ok. they were greasy not juicey and had no sear but had good flavor.

    cooks falt not the grill.

  4. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    thanks, so far I'm loving it, I can't believe how good the temp controller works and recovers.
  5. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    also let me say that the light inside IS THE GREATEST THING EVER.
  6. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    Day 2- Saturday I decided to do ribs.

    I baught 2 racks of Smithfield flintstones (big bones) (dinosaur bones) 😄 I quick trimmed them and added the magic stuff.

    my cook assignment 2-2-1.

    2hrs @ 225

    2hrs @ 300 foiled

    1hr 250 no foil.

    learning curve:

    I got close, ribs where good, they had a good tug, really good flavor, very good smoke taste, but a little greasy and falling of the bone in certain areas.

    I pulled them 30 minutes to early, I was hungry and they looked good. cooks fault. impatient.

  7. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    Sunday dinner on the RecTec.


    Chocolate Chip Cookies.


    store baught dough
    can of cento pizza sauce.
    shredded mots and cheddar cheese.
    melted butter w/garlic powder added to it.

    bla bla bla

    roll out dough
    brush with melted butter garlic powder mix.
    add cento to desired taste
    add cheese and toppings.

    I made 2 pizzas one to go on a frog mat on the left side of the RT and one to go on a pizza stone placed on the right side of the RT.

    I put the stone on and preheated the RT to 410.

    I put both pizzas on at the same time.
    I can tell you all, FORGET using the pizza stone! it didn't do anything wrong, but the pizza on the frog mat got good and bubbley, the pizza stone just laid there flat. I mean a pizza ain't a pizza if it doesn't have some sort of bubble.

    a small learning curve here. no matter what the bottum of the crust looks like, pull them off at 18 or 20 minutes. I went 25 minutes and the crust was a little to hard.

    I will tell you all after years of making pizza on my gas grill, kettle grill or indoor oven. the pizzas I mad on the RecTec where the best I have ever made!

    the pizza on the cutting board was the one on the frog mat
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  8. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter


    chocolate chip cookies no pictures.

    the store baught premade ones.

    350 degrees for 15 minutes.

    turn out great if you use a cookie sheet.

    do not use the frog mat. lol. I tried you lose most of your cookies.

  9. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Hey Tom...looks good so far! Glad to hear you're liking the new grill!

  10. bigtrain74

    bigtrain74 Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Did yours come with the new extra smoke button? Just curious how it works and if you like it.
  11. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    yes it did, I tested the extra smoke option at 250 and 225 looks like it works pretty good. but I have not used it with meat on the RT yet.

  12. flubyu

    flubyu Newbie

    i have had one for almost a year now ,,man oh man i love ,,,im guessing i have gone through 1500 lbs of pellets already lol

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