I am ready to graduate off of my el chepo torpedo but need advice

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by midwestpatsfan, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Last summer I was given a used el chepo torpedo smoker after my father decided he did not have the patience for smoking.

    I immediately fell in love with it and have enjoyed the process for the past 2 summers. However, I think it is time that I graduate from this little guy and into something that can make the process a little easier on me.

    Right now, I have to check my smoker about every hour because keeping the heat consistent on this thing is near impossible.

    I was thinking about going the electric route and was hoping for some advice on what people recommend for a good smoker?

    Thanks in advance, I am hoping to find one on sale this fall so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. alblancher

    alblancher Group Lead OTBS Member

    Electric will do the trick for you if you want set and forget capability   MES 40 seems to be pretty popular around here.  What is the price range you have?  If you don't mind spending money and want a large smoker the wood burning RFs are pretty stable but you do have to feed them.

  3. If you want to stick with a carbon burner, the Weber Smokey Mountain seems to be very popular. I've heard tales that they can hold temp for up to 16 hours on one load of coal. I don't have one (yet) but this seems to be as close to set and forget as possible with charcoal. You can get the 22.5 for around $350 I believe. As previously stated, the MES line seems to be the runaway favorite around here for those inclined toward electricity.
  4. meateater

    meateater SMF Premier Member

    If you have a Bass Pro near by they run specials every Thanksgiving on the MES watt burners. 
  5. Thanks all!

    Yeah, I have heard about that weber smokey and it has me intrigued. Do you get the same flavoring when you go electric or do you lose some of the flavor kinda like you do using a gas grill to a charcoal grill?
  6. Ive been looking at electric ones myself and have found Cabelas has the MES on sale right now for $149.00  or $179.00
  7. smokinal

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    Yes, you loose the charcoal flavor.

    I had an MES for a couple of years & it puts out some great Q.

    I never had any complaints.

    I moved on to a WSM just to get the added flavor.

    The WSM is very easy to control the temps with & I have gone 20+ hours on one load of charcoal.

    If you want to take it 1 step further you could get a BBQ Guru to control the temp on a WSM.

    It will keep the temp to within 1 or 2 degrees of you temp setting, until you run out of fuel.
  8. jirodriguez

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    I'm with Al.... 22.5" WSM is awesome! During the summer when it doesn't get super cold at night I can run 22+ hrs. on one full ring of charcoal at a steady 200°-225° and very little messing with it. I usually don't do anything with my fire untill around the 11-12 hr. mark, then I may gently stir the coals once every 2 or 3 hrs. just to keep them burning steady.
  9. fpnmf

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    I have the smaller sizes MES and WSM...

    Love them both!! 

  10. Thank you all for your replies,

    I am leaning towards the WSM if I can find it for a good price. My question is, what is the BBQ guru?

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