I am happy today..

Discussion in 'Flowers' started by fpnmf, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. fpnmf

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  2. Wow, they're real purdy, I like 'em!
    Too bad they ain't hardy up here.

  3. fpnmf

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    Here's something else we did today..

    Fresh stone crabs...

    Do I miss upstate NY..not today!!

  4. Lucky you!

  5. fpnmf

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    I do miss a couple things from up there tho..

    I am making a small water feature..20 foot around pond with waterfall...

    Ain't no rocks around here at all..even the creeks and river..

    I hate having to buy rocks..a pallet of medium sized creek rocks is 400 delivered..too much for me...

    Not any decent Italian food for 500 miles either...
  6. Wow, that's a bummer!

  7. pops6927

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    Believe me I know, Craig!  Didn't think anything of folks having wood for sale up north, a face cord for $35, full cord for $100.  And rocks everywhere, just try putting in a garden, you'll find out, lol!

    Here you buy wood at the grocery store, a few pieces for $5, a bag for $15.  i live close enough to the plant that brings in and bags the wood I drive there ad pick up a half face cord in my truck, a ¼ cord at a time (small Ranger flare-side bed), but it's still $130.  That's 12-14" in face, not full!  They don't even know the difference from face to full here, hahahahah!  I asked the owner, he didn't even know, what he's advertising is a face cord 12" - 14", not full cord (a full cord is 3 face cord).

      Here's his site:  Jerry Pettijohn's:  


    We do have a few independent Italian restaurants here; the one we go to most often is Mama Mia's on Magnolia.  It's right around the corner from Jr's office, not that far from our house.  Family owned, just two locations:


    All home made everything, including sausages, pastas, gravies, etc.  Absolutely delicious!

    Of course, everything here is Mexican or Tex Mex, dime a dozen, a few very good (see Texas group for The Mexican Inn review:  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/125441/a-texas-tradition-the-mexican-inn-in-fort-worth)
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  8. sound1

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    FPNMF, Stone Crab..your killin me..

    Pops,  You nailed that right on the head!!  We live in the woods and when you get it delivered and stack it, you get two rows of 14-16" wood. When you ask where the rest of the wood is..."that is a cord" ....Most of the guys are framers during the busy months, just ask the how many studs it takes, on 16" centers, to get four feet[​IMG]. After feeling real stupid, ya get the last third. Upside, Alligator juniper and/or oak anywhere between $150-200...depending on how much beer you have when they are unloading.
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  9. tjohnson

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    Rock On Craig!
  10. daveomak

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    That is one pretty flower.....    

  11. Beautiful! Lucky you and lucky plants!
  12. andrew nill

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    I had seen such flower first time and it's really wonderful. I would like to add it in my garden.I have a lot of colorful flower plants in my garden and absolutely it will add more beauty to my garden. Hopefully I will get it soon from the nearby shop.

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