I am going to cook some ribs and pork butts on my new smoker it is a reverse flow Iam wondering if

Discussion in 'Pork' started by crashburn, Jun 18, 2012.

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    HELP what temp and how long would you cook them . THANK YOU .
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    Run the smoker at about 225 and smoke the butts to 200-205 internal for the ribs if spares then do them 3-2-1 if baby backs 2-2-1 the numbers mean smoke them on the grate for the 1st number of hours then place them into foil with a little liquid like maybe apple juice seal the foil up and put them back into the smoker for the second number then take them out of the foil (careful they will want to fall apart) and smoke for the last number if you want to sauce the ribs do it the last 30 minutes. Many sauces have lots of sugar and tend to burn that's why we do it at the end tho I usually serve the sauce on the side personally.

    If you are doing multiple racks of ribs you can just stack them all into a pan (think disposable aluminum roasting pan) and then foil over the top tightly.
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    I wont to thank you for your time . I am going to try this and post some pic. have you looked @ the smoker i am building ? if so let me know if you have any advice .

                           Thank you Crash.

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