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  1. Ok...so it was my turn this week to get the goodie bag from Todd:yahoo: It got here Friday afternoon and had a 5x8 AMNPS, 2 pounds of Hickory pellets (thanks for making the swap Todd!!), and 5 pounds of Pecan pellets. I looked at the AMNPS for quite a while on line before ordering it. I really couldn't see how it was as effective as everybody said it was so I held off getting one. Boy was that a mistake on my part. I read the instructions (God forbid!!) and decided to do some ribs yesterday. It was the first cook on the new MES 40 and the first time using the AMNPS. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular so I didn't bother taking pictures. This turned out to be my second mistake :biggrin: The ribs came out absolutely incredible!! Now to a quick summary of the AMNPS. This thing really is A-MAZE-N. It's so easy to regulate the volume of smoke by how deep you fill the tray and so easy to regulate how long it smokes by how much of the tray you put pellets in. The smoker is so simple in it's design, extremely well detailed in it's construction, unbelievable easy to use, and very efficient. You get a consistent amount of smoke with no "peaks" or "valleys" as you do with the chips that are supposed to be used in an electric smoker. I could not be happier with the AMNPS or the MES 40. If any of you are on the fence as I was about getting the AMNPS, don't hesitate any longer. It's well worth every penny!!

    Smokin' again despite the Gestapo,
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    Robert.......   good write up.....   

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    Yep! I agree 100%. Have had mine for about a year and couldn't be happier.
  4. Nice write-up! I got mine Wednesday and am excited to use it with my MES 40 this weekend! Question for you. Where did you put it in the smoker? I've read on top of the hole where the water tray usually is with a foil tent? I assume don't use the water tray then?


  5. The 5x8 AMNPS will sit on the two rails to the left side of the smoker under the water pan. There is no need to remove the water pan or tent the AMNPS. If you put it directly under the water pan it is protected from drippings coming off the meat. Pretty sweet stuff :)

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    I'm having troubles keeping mine lite. I filled it with pellets and light one end with a mini torch for 45 seconds or longer and let it burn for the ten minuets the directions say. I then blow it out and put it to the left on those 2 rails everyone talk about and in about 20 minuets its barely smoking. I moved it to the first rack once and it burned longer there but it went out at the first turn. I have a MES 30 not alot of room to put it. Any suggestions?????
  7. Thank you for the pointers on where to put it also.  I will be doing my first smoke Labor Day with my MES 40 and my pellet AMAZN smoker, assuming FedEx drops it off for me today!! Please FedEx gods, make sure you bring my little smokie.......  Looking forward to testing this out and figuring out the best options for my taste.  I will ensure to not make the mistake and take plenty of photos for my collection.  Happy Smoking!
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    Well said, Robert!  There's no doubt about it...Todd's gadget is the bomb!  And the MES and the AMNPS are a match made in heaven for sure.

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    If you are starting with a nice, red-hot cherry of coals in the end of your pellet bed, the issue sounds like poor air flow.  Do you have your exhaust vent wide open?  Have you tried pulling out the chip loader an inch or 2 to allow more air to enter the bottom of the smoker?  You can also pull the chip drawer out an inch or 2, again to allow more air into the bottom of the chamber.

    Also, if you are putting any liquid in the water pan, it can have a negative effect on the performance of the AMNPS...try running it with a dry chamber and see if it helps with your smoke production.  Many of us fill the water pan with sand or pea gravel instead of water.  And lastly, make sure there is no moisture from your food dripping onto the AMNPS...either make certain its directly under your water pan, or tent some foil or something over it to prevent drips onto the pellets.

    Hope any of that helps...

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    Thanks Red!!  I haven't tried opening the chip loader tray. I also don't use any water in the pan and also cook my food in an alum pan so i know there's nothing dripping on the pellets. I think I'm just not getting it lite enough to begin with. Also, I was wondering why you put sand or pea gravel in the water pan? I haven't heard that and was wondering what the does for you.
  11. The sand and/or gravel are very dense. When they heat up as the smoker is coming up to temp they will stay hot and help to balance and maintain the temperature inside of the smoker. It's kind of like putting towels in the cooler after you take the meat off so it can rest. They just hold the temp longer and minimize the temperature fluctuations.

  12. I have try leaving the chip tray and chip loader out. No water pan. My MES 40 doesn't have 2 rods under the water pan to set anything. I'm getting very frustrated
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    Stan, evening......   Post a picture of the inside of your smoker....  the bottom half and the exhaust port........    

    Are you drying the pellets......

    Is the exhaust wide open......

    Is there room next to the element, on the floor of the smoker, for the AMNPS....

    If there is, elevate it on a small aluminum pan, or some reasonable facsimile,  to get it up closer to incoming air flow......

    The most important of the above is DRY the pellets...   when pre heating the smoker, put the pellets in an aluminum pie tin for 2-3 hours above 250 deg F to dry them....  or repeated 1 minute nukes in the microwave....   Like you have done, do not use water in the smoker....

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  14. I haven't try drying the pellets yet. The exhaust is open I will elevate the AMNPS on the floor. Thanks for your help.
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    Stan, I had a few problems but did some research online. I have done the following in my Bradley with great success.
    1. I put one cup of pellets in a cup and nuke them for 1 minute. I put them in a second cup and nuke them for one minute. I put them in the AMNPS.
    2. I tap the AMNPS on a hard surface to get the pellets to pack down. Then I top up the AMNPS to 1/4 inch from the top. This made a big difference when I started doing it.
    3. I use a propane torch to light the AMNPS for 45 seconds. 
    4. As the flame gets smaller, I blow down and in on the pellets until they are in high flame again. When the flame gets smaller, I blow down and in on the pellets until they are in high flame again. I repeat this at least twice but usually 4 times. Then I let them sit outside of the smoker for 5 minutes.
    5. Then I put them in the smoker.
    I found the packing the pellets down by tapping the smoker and the blowing several times to get it going very strongly made the difference for me.

    Good luck with it. The AMNPS made a big difference to the quality of my smoking projects.

  16. Will try these suggestions, I'm open to try anything to get the smoke
  17. venture

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    You are ahead of me.  I am still using and loving the old AMNS.

    It still performs!

    Easy to determine how much smoke I want.

    We like a lighter smoke than some.

    Never a worry about creosote!  Just the smell of sweet smoke when I open the door to the patio.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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