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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by strummer, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. strummer

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    Any of y'all guys using a water stuffer ? I found one I'm thinking about buying . It's made by Dakotah mountain . Or does anyone have any plans for a diy build ?
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    Nepas is the man on water stuffers. I'm sure he'll be along to give you some info. While you're waiting stop by Roll call and introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself so we can give you a proper welcome to SMF.
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    Eldon and Karen Cutlip started the Dakotah water stuffer. The company is now called Elk Mountain Products.

    Good water stuffer for the price.
  4. Hi Strummer, Yes I do have a Dakotah water stuffer and I love it, I didn't like the idea of dragging a garden hose into the kitchen and dealing with the possable water leaks, so I bought a CO/2 cylinder and presure reulator, I already had fittings and air lines and I converted over and use the CO/2 for applying the pressure for my stuffing.

    It is a simple 1 person operation this way, and if the meat tends to get a little stiff, I have the option of turning the pressure up a tad bit to get past the stiff portion, and then go right back down again.

    No water leaks, the small air line is much easier to connect and use and with using the co/2, I only connect to one of the ports on the dakotah, the other is used just for and exhaust once I reach my desired amount into the casings,

    Either way, water or air, its a really good little unit.

  5. bluebombersfan

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    I agree with Rich!  I picked one up and after spraying water all over the kitchen I changed it over to air fittings.  The problem comes when you want to stop stuffing you have to bleed off the pressure or the residual pressure continues to slowly push out meat.  the first time I tried to bleed it off the hose jumped out of the sink and went everywhere!!  Great stuffer but in my opinion change it over to air!


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