Hybrid cooking... With a sous vide immersion circulator.

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by hllywd, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. hllywd

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    Just wondering if anyone else has experimented with smoking, and sous vide? I recently picked up one of these http://anovaculinary.com/products/anova  and have been cooking some great meat. First up was a tri-tip that was actually frozen when I cold smoked it. I hit it with about 2 hours of oak pellets with my tube smoker in sub-freezing temperatures, brought it in and seasoned it with garlic salt, and some fresh thyme sprigs before vacuum bagging it and returning it to the freezer for a few days. OnceI got it out again I thawed it at 80°F for an hour, then cooked it at 131°F for another 6 hours. After that I let it rest in the bag for another half hour or so and finished it on the grill. This is what it looked like:

    Perfect medium rare all the way through, surprisingly with a really nice smoke flavor. The egg on the Caesar salad is a 63°C egg cooked the same way.

    I smoked a 2 bone rib steak at the same time, seasoned the same, bagged, and froze it too. The only difference was it wasn't frozen when I smoked it. Cooked it the same only about 7 hours in the sous vide bath. About the only two words I have for it is; Juicy Awesomeness!

    I'm leaning toward a couple boneless legs of lamb done the same way for Easter.

    Anyone else?
  2. bmaddox

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    I have not tried it yet as my current sous-vide machine is too small for any decent sized roasts. There are other people on here that have with great success. Use the search bar and you will find some good sous-vide threads.
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    Search... Why didn't I think of that...[​IMG]
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    That looks delish.... I've gotta start experimenting more....

    I recently got the ANOVA machine.... I use a small ice chest.... I have been experimenting with beef cheeks and boiled eggs......

  5. hllywd

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    Love mine so far. It seems like a little smoke before you cook works great. Doubt I'll ever cook steak another way if it's planned.

    I like the fact I can smoke the meat and have it bagged in the freezer ready to cook. Throw it in the cooker at lunch, and it's cooked perfectly to finish for dinner.

    Been using it with an old Kind of small stock pot, but just ordered a 11x18x9 Rubbermaid container. Figured I can store everything and the sealer when it's not in use.

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