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  1. Well I'm making another batch of cold smoked sausages. This time all by my lonesome. My sausage making buddy has a game night at a local church with his lady. Really? That's more fun that making smoked sausages? YEAH RIGHT! But I digress....

    This is a recipe taken from a member on WD and I sort of used what I had on hand. For some reason no grocery around here wants to carry Hungarian style paprika, so I substituted Spanish paprika for the sweet Hungarian and Cayenne for the hot Hungarian. I also used garlic powder instead of fresh because....well I forgot it at the store. Here's the recipe. Everything is in metric because I like the precision.

    1447 g Pork (the piece was very lean...5%-10% fat)

    422 g Pork Fat

    28 g Salt 
    18 g Garlic Powder
    32 g Spanish Paprika 
    5 g Cayenne Paprika 
    5 g Whole Caraway 
    5 g Sugar 
    6 g Cure #1

    2000 g Total Weight

    The spice mixture smelled really nice. A could smell the smokey paprika and garlic, but neither over powered each other. The caraway added a very nice distinct smell that I really liked. 

    The 1447 g of pork was cut up and mixed with all of the spices and got a nice massage. Then back into the fridge to meld together. Tomorrow I'll be picking up the pork fat from the butcher. Everything is going to be ground through the large plate, mixed to bind, and then stuffed into hog casings. I'll cold smoke them on cherry and hickory for 2-4 hours depending on how long I plan on staying up for then they'll be put in the fridge uncovered to mellow. I'll put them in the oven in the morning at 175 to bring them up to 160 slowly. 

  2. disco

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    Looking good but cayenne is hotter than spicy paprika! Should still be great though and I am looking forward to the finished pictures!

  3. Disco, you are absolutely right. The 5 g in the recipe should actually be 10 g of Hot Hungarian paprika. I expect it'll be a nice smooth heat that lingers but doesn't turn you away. I hope [​IMG]
  4. disco

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    Sounds great! I think these will be stellar!

  5. driedstick

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    Sounds really good!! Where are you to where here you can cold smoke this time of yr? I wish it would hurry and cool off around here also.

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  6. I'm in the SW burbs of Chicago and our night time forecast is 65 degrees!!! These types of sausages are perfectly fine for warm smoking too which can range up to 100 degrees or so. Of course those temps are no good for fish and cheeses, but sausages are perfectly fine with it.
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    Good recipe but you have way too much nitrite.  You are over 200ppm. 
  8. From what I read the recommended dosage is 2.5 g per 1kg. Should I add another 500 g of pork to bring it up to an even 2.5 kg of weight?
  9. szynka

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    You could do that or do nothing.  200ppm won't have any effect on you unless you eat  a  heck of a lot of sausage in one sitting. 
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    Cajun hungrarian? What a diverse world in which we live.
  11. I just love sausage :)
  12. So I might of goofed. Things got hectic yesterday and I wasn't able to smoke and cook the sausage so they've hung in the bathroom since they've been stuffed...approximately since 3pm yesterday. I again don't have time to do them this morning but I will this evening. Are these still good or should I toss them or maybe put them back in the fridge?
  13. disco

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    I would definitely them back in the fridge. With the cure in them, they should be ok for health purposes. If they got too warm, they may "fat out" but if you put them in the fridge and cool them for awhile you should be ok.
  14. Well I've already left the house and they're still hanging so. The room they're in is room temp so I'm not worried about the fat melting. My main concern is that they're healthy to eat.
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  15. darwin101

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    Csabai is a good sausage, can't wait to see the final product.  I think a bit of cayenne makes most everything better.  [​IMG]

    I get the Hungarian paprika from World Market retail stores, they frequently have interesting items.  If you really want it I would think the Polish markets in the Chicago area should carry it.  
  16. disco

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    The fat won't melt so much but when sausage meat gets warm the fat can de-emulsify from the lean and cook out instead of stay in the sausage when you smoke it. You really want to keep your sausage as cold as possible at all times to prevent it. Over 24 hours out of the fridge is getting a little long. I would personal message Chef JimmyJ and ask him if it still safe.


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