Hump Day Tri Tip (Drool vision heavy)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dirtsailor2003, Mar 28, 2013.

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    I decided to try out some of my B-day presents. I have several tri-tips in the freezer so I thought that the Serrano salt with some onion, pepper, and garlic would be good. I rubbed the tri-tip down put it in a glass baking dish and poured on a 1/4 cup of red wine and a good dose of Worcestershire. I let this meld in the fridge overnight.

    Out and ready for the smoker.

    Fired up the StoveTec

    To get the mesquite lump and cherry wood ready for the Mini-WSM!!! I'm a bit of a pyro!

    Mini, loaded, up to temp 275* and pumping TBS!!!

    I put some non-cooked eggs in after an hour or so cooking the tri-tip. Eggs bake in 325* oven for 30 minutes, so figured at 275* the would be done in an hour, about the same time the tri would hit IT of 135*

    Ready for the foil and rest.

    Oven Baked (325* for 30 min. ice bath immediately) and smoker baked eggs for Easter decorating. I had to sample one of the Smoker baked eggs. Zero smoke flavor!!! After the Easter bunny comes all of these eggs will be peeled and go into the smoker.

    Back to the meat of it...

    After the rest and ready for the initial cut. Tri-tip forms a kind of a "U" shape. First cut from the bottom of the u to the top, or vise a versa.

    The first Cuts.

    Cut 90ish to the first cut.

    Took out a couple vac-packed twice baked potatoes, they re-heat well in the vac pack and the microwave.

    Served with a salad Just to keep the fiancee happy!
  2. [​IMG]meats,beer,and cheeses!!! ill take that giftbasket anyday!!!!! looks awesome, love me some tri tip. thanks for making me hungry,and thirsty...!! [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Everything sure looks good!  The tri tip looks like it came out nice and juicy. 

    I have never done eggs in the smoker or the oven.  Going to have to try it one day soon.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    The only advantage I can see so far to doing the eggs in the oven/smoker is that you can do a bunch of them at once. I haven't tried the oven ones yet. My method of 5min boil, then 25 minutes (covered) in the boiled water (no heat) seems to produce a creamier egg. Once peeled all of these eggs will get a cold smoked, have to wait for the Easter bunny though!
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    Where can I find some info on that mini Weber smoker contraption you got going on there. I know this is an old post but I've never stumbled across something like that before. Looks like my 10 gallon aluminum pit I homebrew with with that ball valve you got on there
  6. worktogthr

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    Looks great! I'm all outta tri tip here and they are hard to find! Very jealous!

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