Hubby fell asleep so.... EXPERIMENT!

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by asinine, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. This is his last weekend off before his job takes over. So, he wanted to invite our local family/friends for a nice smoked brisket, and since they're going to (supposedly) be here around noon, he wanted it done by then.

    Seeing as how I work nights, and I'm up til 6-7am no problem, he asked me to tend to the brisket until then.

    Well, his instructions mean his brisket hit its goal an hour ago. And now I've got a smoker full of wood and nothing to smoke. So I grabbed the pork ribs he'd defrosted yesterday and tried an experiment (which I'm sure will be regrettable, but we'll see?)

    There's a healthy pecan log in there, and the temp dropped down to 200°F with me opening it up. I put the 2 racks in, generously covered them with some spice mix that the hubby made (it smells good for a BBQ, though I'm not sure what it is to be honest), and dribbled the remaining half quart of apricot reserves the mother-in-law sent us years ago. (We just opened it a few months back... just to clarify!)

    So basically, I have a nice brisket sitting in my cooler, and I'm gonna either wreck or rock two racks of ribs. (Alliteration!) I didn't take the membrane off the back, and as I said, they didn't soak/marinate/anything until I put them on. I just wanted to document this somewhere that someone may be able to benefit, even if it's just me.

    Was going to stick in some boneless/skinless chicken breasts from Costco as well, but only before I realised there were 2 racks in the fridge instead of just the one.

  2. This is usually how some of the best food is made. I love making things on the fly. Regrettably I usually don't write anything down that I've done so I can never replicate the home runs...
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    That's a funny subject line!

    But sure, if the smoker is going anyway, why not make use of it?  I've done that with hot dogs, give them a zing of smoke flavor.
  4. They came out great, flavor-wise. I gotta say, I agree with stuff on the fly tends to be the most amazing sometimes. Unfortunately, hubby overcooked them, so not quite the tenderness I'm used to.

    Unfortunately, they were topped by a very awesome brisket that melted when looked at.

    (I'd include pics, but most was eaten before I woke back up, aside from my portion I ate. :)

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