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  1. Like many I have been grilling for many years. I have had a bullet style electric smoker for about 3 years. I have got blackened catfish nailed on that smoker. My BBQ and smoking interests mainly are in the Memphis style. Wifes family hails from Jackson, Tennessee so I have been infected by that style. For Christmas I received a Chargriller setup with the side fire box. I have yet to try it. Any help in that regard would be helpful.
    I live in Pueblo, Colorado.
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    Heya, Goose5!

    Once again welcome and happy to have you here! Be sure to sign up for Jeff's Five Day eCourse on smoking. It is free and packed with info!

    Take some time to browse around and you will be amazed at the amount of good solid info there is available here!

    Now post away in the proper areas and answers will flow!

  3. billyq

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    Welcome to the forum Goose. I have a chargriller w/SFB also. Just did a brisket on Friday night. Ask away.
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    First of all welcome to the best smoking forum on the web. A wonderful group of very helpful people hang out in this joint. You might try looking at the posts in the section linked below, as there are a ton of very beneficial ideas related just to indirect heat charcoal smokers.

    It wasn't very long ago that I was in your shoes and believe me this site has been a life saver for me.
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    welcome to SMF again
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    Welcome to SMF, goose5. Hope we can be of help if needed. Post questions,someone will be along to help.
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    welcome to SMF
  8. Shall I ask here or is there a forum we need to switch to?
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    Welcome aboard to SMF ...plenty of extremely helpful info and peeps on this site[​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard Goose glad your here, Im a wood burner also.
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    Hey goose , welcome.
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    welcome to smf. glad you found us.
  13. Welcome to SMF.
    You got a new smoker 4 months ago and haven't used it yet?
    Are we sure that we want this guy?[​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF goose5!! Best to post your question in the appropriate section, so this way others who are doing a search for the same info can find it a bit easier.

    Great folks here so jump right in.
    Glad you found us!!!
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    Sure Tom!

    Who was it? Shell that had a smoker in the living room all winter?

  16. My wife got me that smoker for Christmas and she agrees with you. I know but with work, kids, wife, dogs, cats, shooting and reloading, playoff hockey, trying to get in a little fishing and drinking. Life in progress issues you know. I will do my best to be worthy.[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF goose5!!! With those reasons considered, I think you can slide on the not using the smoker for 4 months. [​IMG]
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