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    I'm from the Hill Country in Texas and glad I came across this site with all you fine people.  

    I love smoking briskets, sausage, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish, vegetables... pretty much anything.

    I've been using a Texas Star smoker/grill I picked up at HEB.  It works great, but I don't usually have time to closely monitor the temp, so I decided to give a Masterbuilt 40" electric a try and so far I'm really glad I did.  It's going right now for the first time and I've got a small brisket almost done (been going since early this morning) and just added a turkey breast and a while chicken.  Did some chicken quarters earlier too, those are already done and deliciously flavored and tender as can be.

    Happy smoking (food that is!)
  2. Hey Hill Country !!   love your neck of the woods, A big welcome from East Texas

    Gary S

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