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  1. I joined back in February while searching for info about my deli meat slicer, a member here has a similar one. I've enjoyed grilling and smoking all my life and like to try new ways of doing things. This looks like a great forum with lots of information.

    I live in SE Texas, from the Dallas area originally. I like homebrewing, classic cars, restoring vintage appliances, reading, collecting too many things that I don't have room for, and hunting/shooting/fishing.

    I currently have a Bayou Classic Cypress grill. I've gone to using it exclusively and decided not to replace the rusty gas grill. I had never used a kamado before and I love it. I also have an electric Masterbuilt smoker that I use mainly for fish and pork chops.
  2. Howdy right back at you neighbor. Where at in SE Texas I am in Whitehouse just south of Tyler Glad your back Looking forward to post and pictures.

    Gary S

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