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  1. Brand spankin' new here!  Well, not brand new, I lurked for a day or two first and then decided to join. [​IMG]

    First name: Joe

    I just bought a Masterbuilt Vertical Gas Smoker with Dual Door from Sears and am looking for advice. 

    Should I season the smoker before first use?

    I read somewhere else online that the best first thing to smoke is a pork butt due to its forgiving nature on temperature.  Any suggestions on other meats are not needed as I already went out and bought a nice butt.[​IMG]   I'm planning on using a mix of apple and hickory chips.  Any suggestions for rubs, recipes, etc. or other threads where this may be covered would be appreciated.

    If this is too much for this first thread/post please let me know and I will post somewhere more appropriate.  I've already seen some great info and can't wait to learn more!


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    Hi Joe! [​IMG]

    to SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, there are lots of great people here who love to share and help each other out! 

    You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-course it will teach you all the basics and a whole lot more!

    Yes you should season the smoker before use. If it came with any instructions on doing that follow them but if not just set it up like you were going to cook something and let it burn for a couple of hours. This is to burn of any oils or residues left behind by the manufacturing process and it will also give you some time to get to know your smoker a little.

    I would suggest starting a new thread in the Pork forum and give it a good title referencing your questions. You will get a lot more responses over there than in Roll Call.

    You can also use the search bar at the top to find fast answers to almost any question you have. There are tons of rub recipes on here.

    There are a lot of modifications people have done to their MB propane smokers to make them work better, you can check them out here:
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  3. Hi all Lon here in MN new to this fourm and all of this here to learn and not burn lol..i have a Char Griller grill/smoker  with firebox
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    Hi Lon! [​IMG]

    You should start your own thread in Roll Call  so you can get your own personal Welcome from everyone here, Thanks!
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    Hello Joe and [​IMG]  to SMF - glad to have you here 
  6. Thanks for all the warm welcomes!  The plan right now is to put the smoker together and season it today.  Then I will get the pork on first thing in the AM tomorrow.  I am trying to decide what rub and sauces I want to try!
  7. Hello Joe and welcome to SMF! Congrats on the new smoker and your new addiction!!![​IMG]

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