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  1. I am an Old Fart who survived the Viet Nam War and 60 years of Dutch Oven Cooking.   I was fortunate enough to have grown up in a Dutch Oven family that took pride in the meals they created.  We would have family get-to-gathers and i can remember seeing 10 or more large Dutch Ovens all lined up and some stacked.  I remember how fussy some of them were about how many chunks of charcoal were under and on top of their DO's.  I still use my Dutch Ovens at least once a week.  In all the years I have used cast iron I have never quite figured out the markings on the various pieces if cast iron cookware.  I measured the diameter of my Lodge 14 and found it to be 14" in diameter.  The same holds true with the other sizes of my Lodge dutch ovens.  Yet,  the numbers on my old Griswold and Wagner dutch ovens don't make any sense to me.  The numbers on ll of the different frying pans are even worse.  Is there a site that might help explain  some of the different manufacturers and their markings?  I am happy to be here in "Dutch Oven Recipes" forum.  I hope to find a good amount of recipes I haven't tried yet.  I also hope to submit some of my Old Family "Recipes" that haven't already been put on here.
  2. Welcome! If you go to the roll call section and say hi there, more people will see you and say hi. We love our dutch ovens around here, actually cast iron of any sort :). There are loads of recipes here and I, for one, would love to see some of your recipes!

    Again, welcome!

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