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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bigaok, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. bigaok

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    My names Andy, and I'm from the DFW area. Just got my first smoker over the weekend. It's the 40" Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. 

    First question: Do I need to run the smoker with just woodchips or anything before I actually start smoking any meats?

    Second question: Anyone got a good suggestion for a first time smoked meat?

    Looking forward to learning some great stuff on here, and getting to post my experiences.  Thanks.

    Big A.
  2. klutzyspuds

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    Welcome Andy. You have come to the right place for advice. There are many well versed educators here for all your smoking needs.

    First, with a new smoker it is always a good idea to season before use. With both of my smokers I ran a minimum of four hours smoke at around 250 which imho is high enough to burn off any residues that cause bad smells that might ruin your food.

    Second, once properly seasoned, I would recommend pork butt for pulled pork. Use the search bar for pulled pork, and you'll find many versions. I personally use my wife's homemade rub with meoweys process, and it always comes out perfect. If you don't find his, let me know and I will send you the process.

    Good luck, and Happy Smokin.

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  3. smokinal

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    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

    As Mark said 4 hours with smoke will do it.

    For your first smoke I always recommend chicken.

    Either whole or parts, it's inexpensive & easy to smoke.

    Use the search & check out "Bear's step by steps".

    All of his smokes were done on the same smoker you have.

  4. bigaok

    bigaok Newbie

    Thanks Mark for the advice.

    I'm going to get that first season in tonight.

    Pulled pork sounds like a great one to try this weekend!

    Thanks again.

  5. bigaok

    bigaok Newbie

    Also thanks to Al.

    I was thinking of trying a whole chicken this week, because I've read they don't take as long either, so I could start it after work.

    I'll definitely check out Bear's posts, because I will need "step by step" for sure!

    Thanks again.

  6. Welcome aboard! Pulled pork is pretty hard to bomb, I'd start there. Chicken is good and easy too, really short cooks. I struggle to get the chicken skin where I want it in my Masterbuilt Electric though because of the 275 temp max. I prefer to do the chickens on my WSM to get that nice crisp from cooking up around 300+

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