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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by boudreaux5877, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Brand new to smoking have helped a few buddies out over the years and been doing alot of reading as of late. Been putting some $$ away for the past three year while over here in the desert and have decided I want pursue catering back yard bbq to start out and move up to larger events as the business grows. If anyone knows of any publications concerning start up or running a bbq catering service I would appriciate a push in the right direction.
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    Welcome to the SMF.
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    Welcome boudreaux5877,

    I'm not any help to your catering question but wanted to say hello and thanks for your service! I'm a Persian Gulf vet from 1990. I wish the UN would have let us finish the job while we were there. Maybe you guys (and girls) wouldn't have to be there now?

    What you are doing is a great and noble thing. You are all Heroes. I know there are many Americans that feel the same way.

    Good luck on your future endeavors. Stay safe and God bless!


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    amen chef-heres another that speeks the same-god bless and thanks. welcome to smf.
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    I can not tell you how great full we are "back home" for the job you guys (and gals) are doing over there in Iraq. Despite what you may hear on the Communist News Network (CNN) we are behind you! You are in our prayers and I hope you have a safe return home!

    God Bless!

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    Welcome to SMF... Good luck in your journey, both on the sand and when you get home... Tell your buddies were all behind you and praying for you and your famillies.... Thanks for your sacrifices!!![​IMG]
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    Hey there, welcome and thanks!!

    I spent some time over in the ashtray (USMC) so [​IMG] to you. BTW, I had my fair share of cammel meat and pretty much preferred an MRE over that. But, I never had a chance to smoke it.

    So, I think that's your first mission.

    P.S. tell all your buddies thanks from all of us.

    Edit: I just saw you're USMC as well. I knew a Boudreaux from "The Basic School" 4-88.
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    What can I say they the rest haven't said already. Thank you and welcome aboard.

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    Thanks for doin what you do! And do like I tell my son, keep your head and your butt down! And welcome aboard![​IMG]
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    Welcome to the site.............Glad to have you here...............Just wantedx to say thanks for doing what you guys are doing over there..........Hang in there.........
  12. What EVERYONE else SAID and MEANS!!!
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    Welcome to SMF and Hoo-waa !!!
    I wish the world of success in your smoking and catering interests, you are at the right site to learn the basics and anything else you desire, smoking for the family, catering or to compete in competition; the sharing of knowledge, experiments and also mistakes is all here. Again, glad you joined us.

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