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    Figured I've learned enough on these forums, I might as well check in; my name is Jon and I'm addicted to smoking. I'm a former high school teacher and home brewer so the patience required with smoking is something I'm all too familiar with. Since graduating college in 2008 I've been on a hunt to find the best beer, disc golf course and bbq in all of the great plains. I've drank, played and eaten all over this great region and think that Central Texas has the best bbq. I don't always have time to make it down there so it makes sense to cook my own.   

    Thank God for my competitive nature or else I may never have given smoking meats a try. A month ago my cousin was bragging about the brisket he was going to cook for his daughter's first birthday and talking about how he's better at bbq'ing than I am. After years of grilling and rigging up a barrel grill for indirect heat cooking, I finally bought my first smoker with the intentions of shutting him up. I was really lucky and picked up a fully functioning Masterbuilt XL propane smoker with a propane regulator for $25 off of Craigslist. The guy barely used it and his wife had just bought him a Green Egg.   

    11/13 - After some rearranging in my car I was able to make it fit.

    11/14 - I didn't really know how to season a brisket but fortunately for me, Aaron Franklin has in depth videos on the whole smoking process and I take instructions very well.

    17 pound brisket 3 hours in:

    The temperature immediately sky rocketed once my chunks ignited and it was then I found the SMF. Thank God for the skillet mod.

    17 pound brisket 5 hours in:

    17 pound brisket 8 hours in:

    Looking back I probably should have separated the point from the flat because of the size differential. Pulling the point sooner would have retained a little more moisture. There wasn't any left overs and everyone loved mine over my cousin's brisket.

    While the brisket was wrapped I decided to add some chicken quarters to take to the party. 

    11/16 - After all of the compliments I received at the party, I was ready to smoke again. Smoked garlic Siracha chicken breasts and a beer can chicken.

    Came out better than expected.

    11/23 - After watching Aaron Franklin's other videos on pork butts and ribs I decided to give those a try.

    My pulled pork came out better than anything I've eaten in the DFW area.

    11/26 - Well, Franklin had another video on how to smoke a turkey so why not try one for Thanksgiving. One hour in and looking good.

    Two hours in:

    Three hours in and ready to be wrapped and covered in butter.

    Best damn turkey we've ever had. This 12 pound turkey fed 4 people and had zero remains by Friday night.

    After having my pulled pork my friends paid me to smoke a turkey for them.

    12/5 - Well since the pulled pork went so well I decided to cook about 22 pounds (one 10 pounds and three 4 pounds) of pulled pork for different celebrations. One was for a co-worker who just gave birth to their first born, another was for a Friendsmas party, another was a white elephant gift and the last one was for my parents. 

    I wanna eat this every day, every meal.

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    Welcome to the site Jon.  You are going to fit in around here just great!!

    Points for all the pictures.

    Everything looks great.  Now I am hungry and it's bed time for me, if I can quit watching the Cowboys / Redskins game.
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    Welcome to the forum from Midland, Texas!

    Looks like you've got the same bug we've all got!

    Got a kick out of the way that beer can chicken is just kind of sittin' there saying, "What you lookin' at?"

    All looks good!

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