How weather proof is the ET-732?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by checkmarc, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. checkmarc

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    This is the second time it's happened that it's started raining in the middle of smoking something.  I put the transmitter in a plastic zip lock bag but I'm also concerned about the leads for the probes.  I was thinking about using some heat shrink tubing on them to keep them dry. 

    Any thoughts/suggestions?
  2. noboundaries

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    The transmitter is water resistant.  I don't have heat shrink on the ends that go in the transmitter.  I do have it on the chamber ends.  I've still had two chamber temp probes short just from use in the chamber, not from rain.  The first one they replaced.  The second one was out of warranty.  The second was heat shrinked.  It helps but it is no guarantee.  When I use it now I get all LLLs. 
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  3. checkmarc

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    This is the third ET-732.  The first intermittently wouldn't turn off.  The second had HHH on one of the ports or the transmitter regardless of the probe.  this one seems OK but I let the lid slam and crushed the wire on one of the probes.  I got it to work again but I'll have to replace it.  I know those braided leads get mesed up if they get wet so I was thinking about covering the entire length.
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    How about one of those adjustable, stick in the ground beach unbrellas? That should keep most of the smoker covered also. I can feel your pain as not having a covered patio to cook on, but I was just trying to think back, its been since my military days since I didn't have one. And that was ok, cause I didn't have a BBQ with me then either.

    Can you hang one of those cheap nylon reinforced tarps?

    There must be a way. Hope you find it.

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