How to wire a elitech digital temperature controller

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    Recently I decided that I would create a temperature controller RIMS systems for my home brewery. I picked up a elitech Digital Temperature Controller to manage the temperature regulation. I have not quite completed the entire Recirculating Infusion Mash System, but I just wrapped up the elitech wiring and thought that I would share what I learned in case it will help out anyone else.

    The RIMS heating element that I am using is a stainless steel 120v heating bar, so I have configured the elitech for 120, but the elitech thermostat is also capable of handling 240v; it just requires a slight wiring modification. I would like to point out that I am not a professional electrician. Electricity can be extremely dangerous to work with and may result in death. You should always consult with a professional electrician when attempting a project such as this. Manufacturer hardware designs sometimes change and you should refer to your instructions prior to beginning. Here is a wiring diagram that I used for my elitech alarm temperature controller .I cut apart a heavy gauge extension cord to use for my wall power connection and for the wiring I used to connect to my output plug. Inside the extension cord is a ground wire, common wire and hot wire. In the diagram above I use the green wire to represent ground, the white wire to represent common and the dark red wire to represent hot. Please be aware that different cables use different colored wire to represent different things, these colors are just meant to be an example. I ran the grounding cable from my extension cord directly to my output plug ground connection and also grounded it to the metal case that I am using to house my elitech temperature controller, plug and switches. I spliced the white common cable from the extension cord and connected it to the “COM” port on my elitech and ran an extension wire to the common connection point on my output plug. Since the RIMS heating element that I am using is 120v, I ran the hot wire from my extension cord to the elitech “120″ port. I then connected a small length of heavy gauge wire from the “120″ port on the elitech to the “C” port on the wireless aquarium pet temperature controller . Lastly, I ran a segment of red wire from the elitech “NO” port to the hot wire connection on my output plug. I reviewed my work to make sure that all of the wires were connected properly and there was no bare wire exposed. I then connected the device to a GFCI outlet and tested the device with a voltage meter to make sure that everything was working as intended. The elitech is great because you can select whether you want the power to activate when the temperature drops below a certain point or rises above a certain point which means that it can be used for either a RIMS type device or to control the fermentation temperature in a freezer or refrigerator without having to rewire the device or modify the hardware.

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