How to use a Dual Sided Reusable BBQ Sheet-Questions on which side does which, which foods can be pu

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    Today at Target in Jackson, MS, I purchased two Chefmate Dual Sided Reusable BBQ Sheets.Here are two pictures of what it looks like:

    Since they did not come with instructions, I would like to know if anyone can answer the following questions:

    1. The one with the ridges is the side for searing and the other one with the holes is for grilling, correct?

    2. Can you sear a steak or a hamburger or any other piece of meat on the searing side and finish grilling it on the other side?

    3. Can the grilling side be used for meats as well as delicate items, like fish, shrimp, or vegetables?

    4. Do you have to build direct heat/indirect heat charcoal zones when you use this product.

    If anyone can help me answer these questions, thank you very much.
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    You paid good money for them , experiment and report your review ...[​IMG]
  4.  I would contact the manufacturer and ask any questions I had if there was no information that came with the product.

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    Just looking at the pics I believe you are on the right track. I would imagine the ridged one would be for searing because it would give you the sear marks. That is my guess at least. I think there is probably no right or wrong way to use them do use them how you you see fit.
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