How to smoke turkey pieces, need help

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by fmcowboy, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Ok, so today they had turkey pieces on sale, IE like a cut up chicken fryer.

    I got 2 half breasts, a few wings and some thighs. Just like the cut up chicken fryer counter parts. I have never smoked turkey on the smoker yet and only chicken once. So looking for some guidance as I want to smoke these for dinner tomorrow. SO, where do I start.

    I have 3 legs, 4 thighs, and 2 split breasts. Do I brine these, and in what and for how long. or do you inject them? What about seasoning and any basting? Should I wrap some in bacon? What temp should I go to and can they all cook at the same time being different parts and sizes? My smoker is elecric and will get to a max of 275 or so. Would i have to probe all 3 cuts during cooking (only have 2 probes). Anyway, yer help is appreciated as usual.

  2. I would definitely brine the breasts - Since you have numerous pieces to play around with if it were me I would do each piece a different way - wrap one with bacon - inject one - different rubs, etc.

    Great way to find out what you like best (even though they will all turn out good [​IMG])
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    Now that does sound like a good idea. Now I would brine it all thats easier. Then like Igolf said try serial differant ways of prepartion on the differant pieces and then you can find away you like them the most for the next time.
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    Don't get all worried; you have some good pieces and you're set! Rub them lightly with some salt and CBP just before puting them in. No need to brine nor inject.

    Your breasts will cook faster than your thighs, so you may want to pull them out at 160F internal, foil them and then back on for another 40 minutes or so. A splash of apple juice in the foil packet will do wonders.

    Relax, you'll do fine! [​IMG]
  5. ok. I decided to go with brining. I have them in a brine now and will brine for a bout 4 hours. About how long should it take, so i know when to put them in smoker? Should i go low and slow at 220 degrees or so or at 275 degrees? I want the meat to be flavorful and juicy n tender. Crisp skin is not a priority.

    Is a there a way to go low n slow and then crisp the skin somehow at the end? in an oven or something?

    We are doing our Thanksgiving dinner today, so I want it to come out great. Any rub suggestions for a more traditional Thanksgiving taste?


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