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    I was looking around the interenet for salmon smoking videos and didn't see any specific to Little Chief smokers. Some friends of mine that love my smoked salmon asked me if I had shot any such video for my foodie blog or on my Youtube channel, and I haven't yet. I have a Youtube video on how to make smoked salmon spread though.

    So I have two questions for ya all:

    Is there a good video out there that you know of showing how to brine and smoke salmon in a Little Chief?

    Should I shoot a video of how to brine and smoke salmon on my Little Chief?

    If there is a good video that I can add that link to my blog recipe and Youtube video then  that will save me the expense of shooting my own, which would be great.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi there! You have a wonderful blog and most interesting story! Keep on! I enjoyed reading of your doings! Cheers! - Leah
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    Thanks for your kind comment Leah. By the way, I love canned smoked octopus, or octopus just about anyway I can get it. While visiting Japan my favorite street food is takoyaki, a fritter with octopus in it. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. How delicious!!!!

    When in Japan, I most enjoyed the blowfish/fugu; (both raw/sashimi style, served on a mosaic and quite beautiful plate which the translucent thin slices of fish did showcase well), and then also a cooked version - not dissimilar to a steamed sea bass or white fish in broth.

    Fantastic stuff!

    Here's to very wonderful and ocean-esque things!!! Happy midweek to you!!!!! Make it delicious!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
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    The problem I see is that unless you do your own video, there are tons of recipes which might not be exactly your type.   So if you want to have a link to a video, in your blog,  you'd better do your own video.

    I have my smoked Salmon have yours......he has his......and of course she has hers.
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