How to season my smoker

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  1. Hey guys i am new to smoking and i just bought from Cabelas a 7 in 1 cooker/smoker and was looking for the best way to season it. The instructions are very vague and just looking to get some much better input!
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    I'm not really familiar with your smoker, but in general its good to run it empty for an an hour or it really hot so any manufacturing oils or residues remaining in the smoker will be burned off.  Then put a thin coat of cooking oil or cooking spray on the interior surfaces and run it again, with some smoke this time, for another hour or two.  What I've done in the past is put a pound of bacon on the grates during this last step and cook it while the smoker seasons.  The bacon grease will aid in the seasoning...and you get to eat the bacon when its done!

    This burn-off and seasoning time is also a good chance to get a feel for how to control the fire and the temps in your new rig.  Closely monitor the temps with an accurate, reliable pit thermometer throughout this time, and you'll be more comfortable with controlling your temps when you actually have some meat in there on your first real cook in it.  Just know that, if it came with a factory thermometer, its probably not accurate (most stock therms are NOT).  Get a therm that you can verify for accuracy with the ice water/boil test.

    Hope that helps...Good luck!  Let us know if you have more questions...we're all here to help!

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    Yeah burn off the crap first.
    For my Gosm I don't spray the walls with cooking oil I just ran it per instruction for 4 hours or so with a good smoking wood (cherry) I do spray the grates every time before and after a smoke.
    My pit I seasoned once with bacon grease several years ago.
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