How to place charcoal in WSM 18...

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  1. Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen,  The Digi Q directions say to pile up the charcoal and dump 25 burning lumps on top and let her go. I always did the circle of charcoal and lit one end. Any advice on that subject? Will it work either way? Thanks for any reply. Kevin
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    You don't need to be nearly as meticulous with your charcoal placement when using the DigiQ. I usually just pile it in with a a couple of fist sized chunks of wood and pour about 20 lit pieces on the top. Then I let the DigiQ do it's magic.
  3. Thanks Willie! I will relax. Breathe in, breathe out. I'm ok now. kevin lol
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    Here's the way I set mine up.

    Put some splits in & put a can with both ends cut off on the opposite side of the Guru port.

    Fill the ring with unlit charcoal.

    I use the side burner on my gas grill to light about 12-14 briquettes.

    Then just put the hot coals in the can, pull the can out & that's it.

    The photo's are of my 22, but the principal is the same for the 18.

    The hot coals are at the very bottom of the photo. I turned the WSM around so the Guru would be in the back.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Very creative Al. Thanks! kevin

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