How to get temp up in Brick Smoke house

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by luna, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. luna

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    Hi there,

    My family and I recently started raising pigs and we thought we'd start trying our hand at making bacon and smoking ribs etc. The property we moved out to has a brick smokehouse that the previous owner built. It's got an adjustable vent at the top, air intake at the bottom and a small hole at the bottom (presumably for an electrical cable?). The smoker house is about 4ft x 4ft x 6ft, so it's quite large and we're wondering how on earth to heat something like that to around 250 degrees as the sources online seem to suggest we'll need to be able to do. Would a 1800 watt element do it? Would we need to use wood? Any suggestions out there would be hugely appreciated!

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    Smoke houses, as a general rule, are not heated above 70 deg. F.... The meat is cured and cold smoked..... then the meat is moved to an oven or wherever to cook.... or the BBQ....
    Today, folks make smokers that try to do it all.....
  3. luna

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    Hm, interesting. You learn something new everyday, thanks! I guess I'll be getting a smoker for the ribs then.

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