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  1. Okay. I've had enough drooling and wishing. With fall coming it's time to trip the trigger and get started.

    Someone please point me to a thread on how to get started.

  2. Okay, let me elaborate.

    I think I want a DO with legs and a lip around the edge that sticks up. (I have one without legs and without the lipped lid that I use on the stove top or in the oven.)

    For stews, soups, baking biscuits, etc. what would be a good size to get for 4 adults that like to eat?

    I have some experience with Lodge so should I stick with that manufacturer or is there a better maker?

    Tell me of a source for flaxseed oil used to season cast iron.
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    Simple. Get a six quart Dutch oven, enameled on the inside. Make sure there are no pinholes inside. Brand, doesn't really matter.
  4. darwin101

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    A 10" or 12" camp DO is a good one to start with.  Lodge is generally considered the best DO, but Camp Chef, Cabela's and other also make good pots.  Cooking Outdoors is on YouTube and has lots of videos that might be helpful.

    Lodge also has videos, recipes and other info  on their website.

    The vitamin stores should have the flax seed oil, also Amazon.

    Have fun   [​IMG]  
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  5. Just got back from my lunch break. Went to Wal-Mart and spotted a 6 qt, 12 inch Lodge DO with the lipped lid. Not sure about legs. ~$60. That about right?

    Also saw a Lodge DO cooking book but didn't get a chance to look through it. Might be handy. ???

    They had some accessories I haven't seen up close before.

    I asked about flaxseed oil. They kept wanting me to check in the pharmacy area so I did. Waste of time of course. Where can I get some of that?

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. radioguy

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    I got my flaxseed oil at Wal-Mart pharmacy health food section.

  7. Really!!! The pharmacist said they only had it in the capsules. I'll have to look again.
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  9. darwin101

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    You got a good oven!  I use my 8" more than any other, next would be my 10".  It all depends upon how much you are cooking.   Google is your best friend to find reviews and best prices. 

    Always check the pots when purchasing or being delivered.  The pots are heavy and might get tossed around, the packaging is not bounce proof.
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  10. radioguy

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    If your Wally World doesn't carry it try a health food store or vitamin place.

  11. The Wal-Mart I went to during my break does have it.  I got a bottle after work.  I'm on my way to being ready!

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